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February 19, 2016


Dear reader,

I use several different methods to lighten gluten free baked goods. I share them all in the below link to an article I just wrote on the subject. Apply different methods to different cakes, bread, etc. Learn when and when not to use these methods.

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Happy and healthy gluten-free cooking!


Gluten Free Cake Frosted in Butter Cream and Dusted with Cocoa

When baking gluten-free, you can achieve lighter results by applying a few simple techniques. I teach you, step-by-step how to achieve each one. Also, you learn which methods to use for particular applications.

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Coming Saturday, February 20, 2106

Stay tuned in for Saturday's recipe, a cake I just may make for Easter. It's delicious and beautiful! It brings the hope of Spring. 

For now, enjoy this delicious sponge cake recipe that incorporates one of the steps in the above article.

Delicious Gluten Free Sponge Cake

Besides using sponge cake to make lady fingers and tiramisu cake, you can use it as a substitute for shortcake. Remember those individual portion cakes you used to find near strawberries in the produce department of your grocery store? Well, you can make a sponge cake version at home. I’ve included recipes for a couple of different versions using strawberry, chocolate ganache, and sweetened whipped cream.

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