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February 29, 2016


Dear reader,

Since it's leap year day, I thought I'd shock you with mentioning wonton wrappers. So many people wish they could buy them. However, at least in the United States, they are not available, that I know of. 

To make wontons, I use my potsticker dough. They make a wonderful appetizer, side dish, or meal.

Meanwhile, there is a product that you can use to fry along with some simple ingredients, to get the same, if not better, result as frying traditional wonton wrappers. You can use several things for dipping. I've included two from which you may choose.

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Fried Gluten Free Wonton Wrappes

When you're serving Chinese food, it's nice to have at least one easy appetizer as others are usually labor intensive such as my Gluten Free Egg Rolls and Potstickers recipes. These fried gluten free wonton wrappers are super easy, yet delicious and versatile! There are no gluten free wonton wrappers to make! I share with you an easy substitute. Serve this appetizer with sweet and spicy sauce or one that is either sweet or spicy. You can even use them on top of main dishes or Chinese chicken salad for crunch.

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Image: Gluten Free Potstickers

I love these gluten free potstickers! When my husband and I were dating many decades ago, we used to frequent a restaurant, "Yet Wah". It holds some very special memories for us. To recreate a bit of nostalgia, I decided to create a gluten-free potstickers recipe.

We tried the frozen potstickers from Costco, back when I was not cooking gluten-free, but they are loaded with niacin and sodium. This recipe uses low-sodium, gluten-free ingredients.

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