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March 9, 2016


Dear reader,

I love my New York-Style Pizza Crust recipe, but it's rice based. So, I've provided you with an alternative in case you are rice intolerant. The other crust is sorghum-based. They're both wonderful! Use either one to make this delicious enchilada pizza! You heard that correctly, "Enchilada Pizza!" I hope you enjoy it!

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Homemade Gluten Free Enchilada Pizza

I've made a couple of different Gluten Free Taco Pizza Recipes. However, gluten free enchilada pizza is a whole new ballpark. Imagine the flavor of your favorite enchilada on top of a wonderful gluten-bread-like crust. It's heaven! You have to try it if you enjoy enchiladas.

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Gluten Free New York Style Pizza

I have been pretty happy with my gluten free grilled pizza as a decent substitute for the lack of gluten, until now. This latest masterpiece (yes, I'll toot my own horn here), is amazing! Grilling or using a pizza stone (if not both) is ideal for creating a gluten-like texture, which gives off a gluten-like flavor. I have been waiting to have a light bulb moment, and I finally did.

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Image: Grilled Gluten Free Pizza

I keep hearing from some of my readers that it's just too hot to bake, even a good gluten-free pizza! In researching how to grill a gluten-free pizza in a cast iron skillet, I came across Man Tested Recipes' Pizza Dough for Cast Iron Skillet Pizza recipe. Though it is not a gluten-free grilled pizza recipe, it provided me with how much yeast to use, so I could skip the Expandex used in my previous gluten free pizza crust recipe. In addition, my last recipe was a bit too chewy for my taste. So, this time, I added a little more sorghum flour, used less tapioca starch and more potato starch, skipped the agar-agar, and tripled the yeast. It came out great in less than hour! I hope you enjoy!

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