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May 21, 2016


Dear reader,

I thought I'd share the menu and schedule that I used for my husband's recent 60th birthday party. It sure made things easier! It was a first class party with many hot appetizers and luscious desserts.I hope that it makes a future party for you easier as well.

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Make-Ahead Gluten Free Appetizers and Desserts

I recently hosted a birthday party for my husband for less than 20 guests. At first, I thought about holding it at a nearby winery. Then I thought, why not use that money to take him on a surprise vacation for his actual birthday. So, over a three week period, I slowly made appetizers and desserts. I began the menu by visiting my Gluten Free Appetizers category in search for my husband's favorites. (There, you'll discover over 90 different recipes.) I decided on five appetizers (I'd prefer to overdue it then not have enough) and two Gluten Free Dessert Recipes (over 450 available.) Learn how I made most of them far in advance. Hopefully, this schedule will help you host your next party. People will rave about the entire menu and will never know any of it is gluten-free.

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