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Dear reader,

To my surprise, the Girl Scouts selling cookies in front of my local grocery store had a box of gluten free cookies waiting for me, Trios. They were so amazing, I had to develop a recipe for those who are not as fortunate as I was. Some troops have a harder cookie with toffee pieces, while others have none. They are a pilot project and are available in limited quantities, and only via participating councils.

Meanwhile, I duplicated the Trios extremely well. I hope you enjoy them. They are both made with the same ingredients. No flour. No starch. No gum.

In addition, to the recipe and my review of the actual Trios, I have included two Thin Mint-Style recipes. One uses my recipe for All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour that calls for superfine rice flour; and the other calls for regular rice flour.


Happy and healthy gluten free cooking!

~ Carla



CooKoo for Coconut Flour Giveaway

A new kid on the block, CooKoo for Coconut, sent me some of their coconut flour. I developed a delicious Skinny Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe with this yummy and healthy flour. Check out the below review, learn about this flour, and enter the giveaway to be eligible to be one of 10 lucky winners! It's easy to enter. Just add a comment below on why you wish to enter; and check out the 16 other ways of getting additional entries. Good luck!

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Trios Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies 2015

I am pleased to announce that the 2014 - 2015 cookie season includes two gluten free offerings. The cookies are part of a pilot program and are only available through participating councils while supplies last.

Gluten Free Trios Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scouts have two separate companies that do their baking for them. The one I was fortunate to purchase is the their Trios Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies, which is made by ABC Smart Cookies. Most gluten free cookies contain tapioca, to which I am allergic. Lucky for me, these are free of tapioca as well as other starches. The cookies are certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO), made in a dedicated gluten free facility and are free of artificial ingredients and corn syrup.

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Gluten Free Trio Girl Scout Cookies

After tasting the new Trios Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies, I knew those who were not able to find them in their area would have to taste these amazing cookies. I got right on it today. After several tweaks on baking times, height of dough, amount of invert sugar and butter, I finally did it. I knew on the last 2 batches that I baked, that I had achieved a copycat recipe of the Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies, Trios! Again, I was thinking, "OMG!" I've only used that term twice on this blog, but they are truly amazing. When my gluten-eating husband gets home, he's going to flip out with joy as he loved the Trios and thet were all gone. 

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Image: Gluten Free Chocolate Dipped Wafers

Crisp and crunchy gluten free chocolate cookies perfect for dipping in chocolate or create long sticks to use as a garnish in desserts. I use them for pie crust and Gluten Free Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

I really enjoy the idea of a gluten free version of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, but when I've made them in the past with regular rice flour they turned out too gritty, and did not stay crisp very long. I tried allowing the batter to rest, but it still presented a gritty texture. I've decided to use the recipe below from now on, as they are super crisp, and stay crisp. I just coat them with a mixture of melted chocolate, powdered sugar, and mint extract. You don't have to coat them in chocolate, though. You may roll them out into long sticks and use them as garnish in parfaits; add the plain cookies to ice cream or other desserts. The crispy texture makes a wonderful contrast for creamy desserts. The nice thing about this recipe is that it can be made dairy-free. And if you wish to dip them in chocolate, just use a dairy-free chocolate such as Enjoy Life.

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Gluten-free Girl Scout Mint Style Cookies

If you haven't read my review on “The Ultimate Gluten-Free Cookie Book” by Robin Ryberg, you should. It contains great recipes, some of which are copycats of famous gluten recipes. Courtesy of Da Capo Press, find below a gluten-free Girl Scout Thin Mints recipe!  Who wouldn't want gluten free girl scout cookies? Right? Enjoy!

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