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January 11, 2016


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A highly-anticipated and frequently-requested recipe...Copycat Betty Crocker's Gluten Free Devil's Food Cake! In honor of today's membership program, this recipe has been released from my upcoming cookbook! There are several more to come!

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Gluten Free Devil's Food Cake

Moist devil’s food cake is one of those desserts that you say you’re just going to have one bite, but you end up finishing the entire piece. This cake is no different, even when made dairy-free. It was rated highly by my recipe testers for my upcoming cookbook, "Carla's Best 125 Gluten Free Recipes".  See the Tips section for a chocolate version.

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Gluten Free Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies

Here's another amazing recipe (not from my cookbook.)

Even on a diet, I don't deny myself goodies. Just one of these delicious shortbread cookies can go a long way. Shortbread cookies are made to almost fall apart when you bite into them. However, I like them a little firmer than that. I think these are just perfect. The jam is just icing on the cake*! No. It's jam on the cookie!

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