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January 14, 2016


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Today's recipe is probably my favorite out of all of the recipes in my cookbook...Gluten Free New York-Style Pizza Crust

My recipe testers agree. It is much like artisan bread. You can either make the dough super thick and pile on the toppings or make two standard pizza crusts.

It turns out best using a pizza stone. You can ramp things up by placing it on a grill after the first pre-bake. Recipe testers even enjoyed it baked on a cookie sheet or pizza pan.

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Gluten Free New York Style Pizza

I have been pretty happy with my gluten free grilled pizza as a decent substitute for the lack of gluten, until now. This latest recipe is truly a masterpiece, to me. It's what I've been craing for years! Grilling or using a pizza stone (if not both) is ideal for creating a gluten-like texture, which gives off a gluten-like flavor. I have been waiting to have a light bulb moment, and I finally did.

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In June 2015, Carrabba's restaurant reformulated their grilling sauce to make it gluten-free. Late last year, they took it a step further and added gluten-free pasta to their menu. While their kitchen is not certified gluten-free, they do take steps to prevent cross-contamination/contact.

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