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January 24, 2016


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Whether you are a heavy bread eater or only consume bread occasionally, you'll enjoy these recipes. A matter of fact, even gluten-eaters rave about them! They are all bread recipes I can't live without. I've been dieting, and I still eat bread a few times a week. I've learned to portion control. I am sure you'll adopt these recipes as your favorites as well.

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Happy and healthy gluten-free cooking!


Oven-Baked Gluten Free Naan

Naan is the Indian version of flatbread. There are two versions, crisp/firm and the one I prefer, soft. The soft is to-die-for and is the only version I make! Everyone who has tried my skillet version raves about it. If you have a pizza stone, that version is even better! That's all I make during the fall and winter. To avoid my kitchen from over-heating, I use the stovetop version during the summer months.

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Gluten Free Oatnut 3 Seed Bread for Bread Machine

Oat bread has always been my adult bread of choice. When I went gluten free, it was the bread I missed the most, next to sourdough. I've created a number of gluten free oat bread recipes. This one mimics Oroweat's Oatnut 3 Seed Bread. They both contain the same seeds, but this one is minus the wheat flour and works with a bread machine that has a gluten free setting. I used the Breadman BK1050S. If your machine doesn't have a gluten free setting, look for my other oat bread machine recipe at the above link . Enjoy.

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Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread

I never met a person who didn’t enjoy this bread, whether they were on a gluten-eating diet or gluten-free. You can use this bread for toast, French toast, or sandwiches with turkey and cream cheese, or grilled cheese. It’s simply delicious.

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Image: Soft Gluten Free Dinner Rolls

I had put off developing a soft gluten free dinner rolls recipe, for too long. So, I made it a priority, and I am so glad that I did! I am not a big bread eater, but I just cannot stop myself with these rolls! They are not grainy at all. They are something my husband loves during the holiday, and I was certainly not going to make him rolls with gluten! When he got home he gobbled up many. Since they're so easy to make, I'll have to make another batch of this super-soft gluten free dinner rolls! Enjoy!

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Gluten Free Slider Buns and Burger Sauce Recipe

These buns are “better than gluten hamburger buns!” as one veteran gluten-free dieter described them, and she made them dairy-free using ingredients from the substitutes page. Add your favorite burger and the better-than-secret-sauce, and you’re ready to rock-n-roll.

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