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January 29, 2016


Dear reader,

My recipe testers from my cookbook went crazy over this recipe. It's rich, but you can tone it down by using ricotta cheese instead of cream cheese, if desired. Most wouldn't change a thing. It's a recipe you'd want to serve guests as it is definitely a treat.

They were all extremely proud of the homemade pasta they made. Adding egg to gluten-free pasta dough makes it flavorful and easier to handle. However, in my recipe, the dry ingredients are the key.

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Gluten Free Chicken Canneloni with Homemade Pasta

This Italian dish is so rich and delicious that you can serve it to everyone. Using homemade, gluten-free egg pasta, covered with creamy sauce, marinara, or Bolognese/meat sauce, your family and guests won’t believe it’s gluten-free. Kids who “hate spinach” beg for second helpings of this gluten free chicken cannelloni. Serve it as a side or main dish.

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