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February 3, 2016


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Gluten Free Egg Rolls and Dipping Sauce

Though the filling may not be easy, the actual making of the outer shell of these gluten free egg rolls is extremely easy. And you can always fill it with left overs, meat and or veggies. I have seen a recipe or two online that calls for making and rolling homemade dough. I was just not up for that! Number one, gluten free dough is difficult to work with in many cases, and number two, simply put, it's too much work if you're going to make 2-3 dozen egg rolls. Remembering my batter that I use for my onion rings, I tweaked it and used it for these gluten free egg rolls. The egg yolks and the sugar help the browning and crispness. And after trying a number of batter thicknesses and cooking temperatures, I finally came out with the perfect crispness. I hope you enjoy this gluten free recipe as much as we did. They are addictive, especially if you haven't had any in awhile!

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Gluten Free Corn Dogs

I came across Martha Stewart's recipe for Texas Corn Dogs. Knowing it had a much higher ratio of cornmeal than I desired to use, I created a similar recipe and made gluten free corn dogs with a 50% ratio of rice flour and cornmeal along with buttermilk. It turned out be too much cornmeal for my tastes, though it had a wonderful texture. In addition, it was not sweet enough...

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Image: Homemade Gluten Free Onion Soup Mix

Looking for a gluten free onion soup mix recipe to make onion dip? To my surprise all our gluten eating guests loved it! Several guests asked me what ingredients were. Enjoy this recipe for dips or soup. We sure did! I've included the dip recipe as well.

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Gluten Free Appetizer: Honey Chicken Wrapped in Bacon

This gluten free appetizer was a huge hit in our house! So yummy! They disappeared before they had a chance to cool off. The chicken remains moist and the bacon is crisp. I couldn't ask for a better appetizer. This makes a great gluten free appetizer for any guest (on a gluten free diet or not), or for any special occasion. Any day could count. Right?

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Gluten Free Slider Buns and Burger Sauce Recipe

These buns are “better than gluten hamburger buns!” as one veteran gluten-free dieter described them, and she made them dairy-free using ingredients from the substitutes page. Add your favorite burger and the better-than-secret-sauce, and you’re ready to rock-n-roll.

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Image: Gluten Free Potstickers

I love these gluten free potstickers! When my husband and I were dating many decades ago, we used to frequent a restaurant, "Yet Wah". It holds some very special memories for us. To recreate a bit of nostalgia, I decided to create a gluten free potstickers recipe.

We tried the frozen potstickers from Costco, back when I was not cooking gluten-free, but they are loaded with niacin and sodium. This recipe uses low-sodium, gluten-free ingredients.

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