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February 4, 2016


Dear reader,

In case you missed yesterday's recipe, it was my famous Addictive Granola! One of my recipe testers stated that her husband even is addicted to it, and she gave some out to co-workers as gifts during the holidays. They're all addicted, as well!

Today's recipe is a simple Almond Filling. It tastes just like the filling in bear claw pastries. Oh my! I use as a cake filling, in pastries, chocolates, and more.

Stay tuned in for tomorrow's recipe which calls for this filling. It is a coffee cake that uses my Copycat Betty Crocker Yellow Cake Mix, which is very inexpensive to make.

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Happy and healthy gluten-free cooking!



Bear claw-shaped Danishes are filled with this very same filling. Danish are not often referred to as decadent, but this is the only way I can describe this filling. If you enjoy bear claws, you’ll surely be awestruck over this filling that you can use to bake in coffee cakes and pastries.

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Who knew granola could be addicting? This one is! Maple syrup is the key to this recipe. However, you can help control blood sugar levels by using half agave syrup and still create an addictive flavor. This gluten free granola is a must-try!

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