Gluten Free Fast Food

Gluten-Free Fast Food

I personally stopped going to fast food restaurants, but in a pinch I needed to know what was safe. While searching for gluten-free fast food restaurants I found multiple websites with broken links to pages with allergen information and/or gluten-free menus. The links you will find below are either to a restaurant’s allergen and sensitivity charts to their gluten-free menu or list. Though most restaurants will list which items are gluten-free, some will not mention anything about cross-contamination. Please check with each restaurant before you go. And definitely educated them on how to prepare your food: washing down cutting boards (or better yet, line the board with plastic wrap, etc.), using clean utensils, etc. Though they may follow your advise if you are highly intolerant to gluten, note that the utensils and cutting boards still may contain traces of gluten. Visiting fast food restaurants on off-hours is always best, as they will have more time to cater to your needs.

Gluten Free Fast Food

I really would have preferred to make reading this information easier on you by listing all of the gluten-free items for each fast food chain, but ingredients and items change so often I thought it would be best if I just link to each page.  This will be a more accurate and efficient way for everyone who lands on this page to get the latest up to date information.

If a restaurant below does not have what you are looking for, you may consider ordering salad, but please be cautious of salad dressings, as some contain gluten as a thickener.

I hope you find this list useful.

  • A&W Allergens & Sensitivity List (third party link no longer available – awaiting to hear back from A&W)
  • Arby’s Gluten-free Menu (downloadable pdf file)
  • Burger King Gluten-fee List (Only promotes items for “gluten sensitivity” not “gluten intolerance”)
  • Carl’s Jr. Does not have a gluten-free list, but does list their ingredients and  major allergens
  • Dairy Queen’s Gluten Free List
  • Del Taco – I could not find anything on Del Taco, but did find one discussion on another site that mentions the gluten-free items: “hamburger patty and Mucho Nachos”; and “Del Taco french fries are not gluten-free.”  I am not sure how up to date this information really is.
  • El Polo Loco – No gluten or allergen statement:  1-877-375-4968 8am – midnight EST

I did, however, run across Gluten-free New Jersey, in a 2/2011 discussion, stating that they will place their BRC burrito without the tortilla into a bowl to make it gluten free!  On, dated 2009, someone states that the following items were gluten-free: pinto beans, refried beans, Cotija cheese, mixed vegetables, corn tortillas, flame grilled mexican chicken (chopped on cross-contaminated board), avocado salsa (no mention of oats), and flan (mentioned by several websites as being safe).  Gluten-free Long Beach mentions their Pollo Bowl as a gluten-free option.

  • In-N-Out – Their buns are the only thing that has gluten.  When ordering ask for lettuce wrapped burgers.
  • Jack-in-the-Box Ingredients List
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
  • McDonald’s Ingredients List (If you’re not familiar which ingredients may contain gluten check out this McDonald’s Gluten Free List. Just be sure to check with the server prior to ordering.)
  • Panda Express – “none of our food is gluten-free.”
  • Sonic Gluten-free Menu
  • Subway’s Gluten-free menu – They are also in the process of testing out gluten-free rolls and brownies in selected Texas Subways.
  • Taco Bell‘s Allergens List, including gluten
  • Wendy’s Gluten-free List
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill

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  1. 5 Guys Burgers and Fries are gf….ask for burger in a bowl. Told them I had a wheat (gluten) allergy and they immediately put special order in red. I was treated with respect and felt safe eating there.

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