Jules Gluten-free Cookie Mix and eBook Giveaway and Review

Jules E. Dowler Shepard has written the wonderful “Jules Gluten-Free Cookie Mix” eBook“, and she has so generously offered to sponsor a gluten-free giveaway of not only her ebook, but an entire gluten-free cookie package which contains 6 bags of her famous gluten-free cookie mix!  Valued at $54.80 (or 69.65 value if purchased separately)!  Read my review below and enter this giveaway!

Jules Cookie Mix E-book

The ebook contains the following recipes:

  • Best Chocolate Chip Cookies… Ever
  • Cherry-White Chocolate Cookies
  • Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Cranberry-Nut Cookies
  • Double Chocolate Cookies
  • Everything Cookies
  • Ginormous Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies


I made some of her cookies and they tasted wonderful!  She has created these recipes so that they can easily be made dairy-free, as well as gluten-free, by using Ener-G Egg Replacer and Earth Balance Buttery Sticks and Shortening Sticks.  They were delicious!  I know when using any recipe from this eb00k that will be delicious, as Jules will not publish a cookie recipe that doesn’t take like the real thing!

Another great thing about this gluten-free cookie ebook is that nutritional information is provided for each recipe.

My father is visiting us and I just had to make the “Everything Cookies” recipe, as one of the suggestions was pistachio nuts!  My Dad loves them!  Along with some dried cranberries and Macadamia nuts , he was in seventh heaven, as was my husband (who doesn’t really care for nuts). Dad was completely unaware that they were gluten-free!  So, you know they’re good!

The next batch I make will be for the hubby will be the Double Chocolate Chip Cookies!  Yum!  I know I’ll enjoy those, as well.

Each bag of Cookie Mix makes 50-60 cookies.  You can mix up an entire batch with one bag and can freeze any dough you do not wish to bake for future use.  The mix contains Expandex® which adds a great texture, helps in rising and adds shelf life to gluten-free products.  Expandex is a gluten-free modified tapioca starch.

You can really get creative with this recipe, as the add-ins really can be whatever you wish!  However, the recipe ebook is indispensable, as a little bit of orange peel or coconut can make a huge difference.  The mix contains sugar, therefore most of the recipes from Jules Gluten-free Cookie Mix eBook does not call for sugar accept for two of them.  Your add-ins may make them sweeter, but they can be enjoyed and still taste sweet without them.  The flour mixture is a perfect combination!

If you are dairy-free or nut-free, you can use dairy-free chocolate chips.  If you are not nut-free you can also use peanut butter chips.  A couple of brands diary-free chocolate chips are Enjoy Life (also corn-free) and Ener-G.  Please note that this mix contains corn.  See all the nutritional information.

The Gluten-free Giveaway!


One lucky winner will receive the following:

Cookie Mix Value Pack

  • Package includes 6 bags of Jules Gluten-Free Cookie Mix (each making 50-60 cookies);
  • Jules’ Cookie Mix e-Book (contains 11 spectacular recipes that can all be made with this Cookie Mix); and
  • Free Shipping & Handling

How to Enter

  • Comment on this post requesting to be entered in the giveaway and tell us why you why to enter. (mandatory)

Ways of Entering Additional Times

Tell us what extra things you have done below in your comment.  Each comment counts as one entry.

  1. Like “Gluten Free Carla” on Facebook Page  and tell me you did so by stating so and leave your FB name in a separate comment below. (1 extra entry)
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What you should know

  • Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm PST on April 30, 2011.
  • The winner will have until 11:59pm PST on May 3, 2011 to reply to the winner’s notification email to supply us with their U.S. shipping address and phone number.  If they do not respond within that period of time, a new winner will be chosen.  Therefore, use an email address you check often or check back to this page on May 1, 2011 to view the winner announcement.  The winner’s shipping address, phone number and email address will be kept confidential between us and Jules Gluten Free.
  • The name of the winner will be announced on this page, right below this line, on May 1, 2011.

Disclaimer: Jules Gluten Free provided me with free samples of their products to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

And the winner is…

Daily Woman!

Daily Woman has until 11:59pm PST on May 4, 2011 (winner announced one day late) to reply to the winner’s notification email to supply us with her name, U.S. shipping address and phone number.  If she does not respond within that time period, a new winner will be chosen.

The winner was chosen at random using Random.org:

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50 Responses to Jules Gluten-free Cookie Mix and eBook Giveaway and Review

  1. Candy says:

    I have been gluten free for two years and LOVE Jules GF products! Just can’t afford them often as hubby has been unemployed on and off over these two years. BUT they are a real treat for us! My husband thinks they are better than any old fashioned cookie he has ever had. Gluten free or not! That is saying something!

  2. Mandie P says:

    I LOVE JULES GF products and recipes! Finding any “normal” flour substitute is next to impossible but somehow she has managed to accomplish it!! My non-gf friends can very rarely tell the difference!

  3. sandy rodriguez says:

    Love reading Gluten Free Carla’s recipes and all the freebies we get to enter.

  4. Marisa says:

    i retweeted your March 16th post

  5. Carrie Gort says:

    Just “liked” Gluten Free Carla on FB. What a great find. I’m going to be serving Creamy Mimosa’s this weekend. Looks delicious. Can’t wait to explore this website and your FB page more. Thanks!

    FB Caroline Chromy Gort – also have FB page Doesn’t Taste Gluten Free

  6. Carrie Gort says:

    I have been a FB fan of Jules, and have been enjoying reviewing what I’ve found online, but haven’t yet been able to make the investment of purchasing her flour mixes to give her baking a try. She seems incredibly creative and dedicated to the cause. I appreciate her advocacy and creation of a successful business. I’d really like to be able to try baking Jules style. Life without cookies, really good cookies, just stinks. My FB name is Caroline Chromy Gort.

  7. Kathy says:

    I commented on the GF restaurants post

  8. Kathy says:

    I like JGF on FB

  9. Kathy says:

    I shared this on FB

  10. Kathy says:

    I shared on FB

  11. Kathy says:

    I would like to be entered because I’m pre-diabetic & have allergies. So I’m trying to go as healthy as possible to try to get away from taking allergy meds & seeing what helps my diet. Also, I have friends that are gluten free so when I go to pot lucks I can make something they can eat.

  12. Randi says:

    I have read about Jules gluten free flour and mixes and would like to try. My friends have teas and gluten free cookies would be great to serve.

  13. Jennifer C says:

    I like Jules Gluten Free on Facebook (Jennifer Cagle Croley). Thanks!

  14. Jennifer C says:

    I follow you on Facebook (Jennifer Cagle Croley). Thanks!

  15. Jennifer C says:

    Already gluten-free for a year, we recently added dairy-free to my daughter’s list so I’d love to win these so she would have some great gluten-free, dairy-free cookies. Thanks!

  16. Marisa says:

    i follow JulesGlutenFree on twitter…(aggiemarisa)

  17. Marisa says:

    I like Jules Gluten Free Flour on facebook (marisa o.)

  18. Marisa says:

    i now follow GFrecipebox on twitter….(aggiemarisa)

  19. Marisa says:

    I like Gluten Free Carla on facebook …. (marisa o.)

  20. Marisa says:

    I would love to enter, because when my little sister was 6 she was diagnosed with Celiacs Disiese, ever since then I have gotten into baking and trying the newest gluten free recipes/mixes just for her.

  21. Dianna says:

    Im entering because Im trying to to bake for my grandson who is now on a gluten free diet. Thank you for this chance.
    I follow on facebook.

  22. T.R. says:

    Followed GFrecipebox on Twitter, Twitter name TRCrumbley

  23. T.R. says:

    Liked on Facebook
    Name T.R. Crumbley

  24. T.R. says:

    I’m entering because Jules is such an inspiration to the GF community, I’d love the opportunity to win!

  25. Julie Turner says:

    I am entering because I love everything JULES!! I would LOVE LOVE to win. Thanks for the Wonderful chance!!

  26. kolpin says:

    “GFrecipebox” twitter follower
    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  27. kolpin says:

    jules twitter follower
    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  28. kolpin says:

    i’d like to win to make these for my boyfriend, who follows a gluten free diet

    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  29. Emily N. says:

    I’d like to win because I’d like to make the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream recipe.

  30. Nicole says:

    I would like to win because I love trying new projects. I also think it’s great that the recipes can be easily tailored to be dairy free. I have a gluten free / dairy free blog where I talk about trying new recipes and I think this could be a great blog post.

    Thank you!!

  31. Emily says:

    I would like to have more help cooking gluten free. I am the only one in my family like this and I am struggling a bit. This would really help me out.

  32. Emily says:

    I also Follow jules gluten free flour on facebook

  33. Emily says:

    I Follow Gluten Free Carla

  34. Nicole says:

    Hello! I now follow you on twitter – my twitter is @glutenfreegoat. Thanks!

  35. Daily Woman says:

    Follow GFrecipes on Twitter @ASDsupportNC

  36. Daily Woman says:

    Our family is going to switch to gluten free and I need some help getting started.

  37. Marissa GF says:

    I am entering because I love both these sites and am always looking for delicious gluten free products to try so I can share them with friends and clients! I’ve never tried Jules’ mixes and am very interested!

  38. Marissa GF says:

    I Like JulesGlutenFree on FB

  39. Marissa GF says:

    I Like Gluten Free Carla on FB

  40. kat says:

    I Like “Gluten Free Carla” on Facebook(katwolf)
    I Shared this page on Facebook, by clicking “share” on Facebook
    I Following GFrecipebox on twitter(stormykat)
    i Following JulesGlutenFree on Facebook
    I following JulesGlutenFree on twitter(stormykat)
    I’m entering because I’d love to try Jules’ mixes, it would be nice have cookie that I can eat.

  41. Rachelle Ludwig says:

    I just re-tweeted this info. : ) (as twerpcicle)

  42. Rachelle Ludwig says:

    I also follow you on twitter – as twerpcicle …Am I your “number 1 fan” yet?!?!?

  43. Rachelle Ludwig says:

    I like you on FB , as you know : )

  44. Rachelle Ludwig says:

    MMMM- I want to win because you have the BEST giveaways!!!!

  45. Kellie Spatz says:

    I have been wanting to try Jules Gluten Free products!! My 4 year old son has a gluten intolerance, and I have been trying all kinds of gluten free products, but have yet to find anything that really tastes good.

  46. Katie Squires says:

    Please enter me in the Jules Gluten-free Cookie Mix and eBook Gieveaway. I’m entering because I’d love to try Jules’ mixes and I have two of her other eBooks and they are Fantastic! We are also casein-free, and I love how Jules’ recipes an be adapted to be dairy free. Thanks, Katie Squires

  47. Katie Squires says:

    I follow JulesGlutenFree on FB! Katie Lenell Squires

  48. Katie Squires says:

    I follow Gluten Free Carla on FB! Katie Lenell Squires

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