Udi’s Gluten Free Friends (GFF) Program and Giveaway!

Udi’s Gluten Free the makers of many wonderful gluten-free products has a new Gluten Free Friends (GFF) program. Even more than before, they are determined to support the gluten free community in every way that they can. I was asked to share my gluten free story and encourage you to do the same. I am also sharing coupons for three free Udi’s gluten free products of your choice to one lucky winner in a giveaway.

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My Gluten Free Story

In 2005, I had some undiagnosed symptoms that were worrisome. In an attempt to diagnose me, I was tested for gluten intolerance by an alternative medical doctor. It was at Dr Vikki and Richard Petersen’s practice, HealthNow Medical Center. They are truly my GFFs. My results showed up in the high-normal range. Because they he hadn’t figured out what I had yet, it was suggested that I go on an allergy elimination diet. I did so, and I discovered that gluten definitely caused me some digestive issues. So, this is how my gluten story began.

Back then, it was difficult to even bake gluten free. There were not many gluten-free ingredients available. I was able to find soy flour and potato flour at my local health food store. I remember my delight when I found Italian chestnut flour online. This is when my love of developing gluten free recipes began.

Once the doctors discovered that my real issue was my thyroid, I fell off the gluten free bandwagon, thinking that was my only problem. However, I discovered gluten was still a problem for me. I ate gluten free, but used to cheat about once a month.

I had an injury, or so I thought (they are still trying to figure out that one.) Because I already knew that a gluten-free diet helped chronic pain, I began a strict gluten-free diet, never cheating. After one month of not having any gluten at all, it began to help my nerve pain.

I had started a blog, carlaspacher.com (no longer posting there), just prior to my injury, where I shared personal interests and recipes. My gluten free recipes were such a hit, I began this blog to share my recipes and information I learned through my research.

Things grew from there. Now I develop recipes for manufacturers such as KitchenAid and smaller wholesale companies. My consulting businesses in the retail, wholesale startups, and restaurant fields also began. Answers.com hired me to be their gluten-free expert this year. I also write for Natural Solutions magazine on a regular basis and have written for Alternative Medicine magazine and The Journal of Gluten Sensitivity.

It is wonderful doing what I love, cooking and helping people. And I do most of it from the comfort of my own home. There’s nothing like working in your pajamas, though the hours are long.

The gluten free community is such a supportive one. Many people on a gluten free diet have other food issues. People share ingredient substitutions, their recipes, advice, feedback on products, and whatever else they can share. We’re all friends.

Hopefully you consider me your GFF. By sharing my recipes for free and providing advice, I have your back, and Udi’s does, as well. They often support you and this blog with giveaways. Together, we ask that you share your gluten free story. It doesn’t have to be long. You may share your story via the GFF stories on the over one million fans of Udi’s Facebook Page, Twitter, and via their Instagram contest using the hashtag #GFF in your Twitter or Instagram post.

Udi’s is a Boulder Brands company. In addition to Udi’s they are the makers of Glutino’s gluten free products and Earth Balance dairy-free products. They sent me an Udi’s goodie package along with a couple of Glutino and Earth Balance products. Because many of their products contain tapioca, I can no longer eat them, but my husband does. He fell in love with their Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites! They are soft and chewy. That says a lot because he still eats gluten. I fell in love with their Jalapeno Cheddar Ancient Grain Crisps. I’m literally addicted! They aren’t that hot.

They also sent me snack sized packs of Glutino’s Pretzel TwistsEarth Balance Creamy Coconut Peanut Spread, Udi’s Harvest Crunch Muffins, Udi’s Salted Caramel Cashew Cookies, and Udi’s Mighty Bagels (with cranberries). We’ve enjoyed all of them (allergies permitting).

But that’s not all they sent me. They sent me three coupons for free Udi’s products. Because you are my GFF, I’d like to share. If you’d like to win them, enter the giveaway below.




This giveaway is open to U.S. mailing addresses only.


One (1) lucky winner will receive the following:

  • 3 coupons for the Udi’s Gluten Free products of your choosing (one free item per coupon)

The retail value of this prize will vary depending upon the items you choose (up to $20.00 depending upon where you shop – I’ve seen their bread selling for as much as $6.99 in one store, though the suggested retail price is much lower.)

How to Enter

Perform Step No. 1 below (mandatory). If you wish to do any of the other steps, each one will give you an extra entry. Therefore, leave a separate comment for each step you do. The winners are chosen by software that randomly chooses from the comments made.

  1. Comment on this post below, explaining why you wish to enter. (mandatory).
  2. Share your GFF story on Udi’s Facebook Page, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #GFF, and tell me what you did in a separate comment below. (1 extra entry) (optional)
  3. Like Gluten Free Carla on Facebook and tell me you did so below in a separate comment. If you’ve “liked” it previously, state so. (1 extra entry) (optional)
  4. Share this giveaway on Facebook by posting, “Enter this #Giveaway to win 3 free Udi’s Gluten Free Products via @Gluten Free Carla. Enter through Oct 20 – http://glutenfreerecipebox.com/udis-gluten-free-friends-giveaway/.” on your Facebook wall, and leave a separate comment below stating you did so. (1 extra entry) (optional)
  5. Follow me on Twitter “GFrecipebox” and leave me your Twitter name in a separate comment below. If you’re a previous follower, state so. (1 extra entry) (optional)
  6. Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter by copying and pasting the following: ” #Giveaway #Win 3 free @Udis #glutenfree products via @GFrecipebox http://glutenfreerecipebox.com/udis-gluten-free-friends-giveaway/ Thru Oct 20 ” and state you did so in a separate comment below. (1 extra entry) (optional)
  7. Follow any or all of my boards on Pinterest and leave a comment below stating what you did. If you’re already a follower state so. (1 extra entry) (optional)
  8. Follow Gluten Free Recipe Box on Instagram and state what you did in a comment below. If you’re a current follower, state so. (1 extra entry) (optional)
  9. Add Carla to one of your Google+ Circles such as “Acquaintances”, or any custom circle such as “Gluten Free” (1 extra entry) (optional)
  10. Leave a comment on any of the recipe or article pages on this site (not on this page), (limit 2), and state what you did below, in separate comments. Comments on other giveaways do not count. (1 extra entry for each comment) (optional)
  11. Share this giveaway on any of the over 400 social networks and leave a separate comment below for each share you performed. (1 extra entry for each share). (optional)
  12. Sign up for my newsletter at the top-left side of most pages, and leave a separate comment below stating you did so. If you are already a subscriber state so. (1 extra entry) (optional)

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What you should know

  • This giveaway ends at 11:59 pm PST on October 20, 2013.
  • The winner will be announced at the bottom of this page on October 21, 2013.
  • The winner will have until 11:59 pm PST on October 24, 2013 to reply to the winner’s notification email to supply their full name, U.S. shipping address and phone number. If they do not respond within that period of time, a new winner will be chosen. Therefore, use an email address you check often or check back to this page on October 21, 2013 to view the winner announcement. All shipping addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are kept confidential.
  • The winner is chosen at random using software that chooses from the comments you leave on this giveaway page.

Disclaimer: Udi’s Gluten Free provided me with free products, but I was under no obligation to review them. Nor was I under any obligation to write a review, positive or otherwise. I did, however, agree to share their new GFF program as well as my gluten free story.

And the winner is…

Marieann Marshall!

Congratulations! You are the winner in the Udi’s coupon giveaway. Once you reply to this email with the information requested below, I will mail the coupons to you.

Marieann has until 11:59 pm PST, on October 23, 2013, to reply to this winner’s notification email to supply her full name and U.S. shipping address. If she does not reply within this time period, a new winner will be chosen.

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  1. Beth Johnson says:

    I shared this giveaway on Facebook…

  2. Beth Johnson says:

    I like Gluten Free Carla on Facebook…

  3. Beth Johnson says:

    I’d like to win because, in addition to my hubby who went GF in 2005, and me (followed a couple years later), my teenage daughter is now GF. She loves Udi’s bagels. I try to keep them on hand because she feels like so much has been taken away.

  4. Toni says:

    I ‘Like’ Gluten Free Carla on FB (actually, I LOVE her posts – they are amazing recipes!!). We also love UDI’s whole grain bread!

  5. Toni says:

    we go through 2 loaves of UDI’s per week – any free loaves and/or coupons would be great!

  6. Sandy says:

    I liked Gluten Free Carla on FB quite a while ago. My daughter has been on this diet for years. We love Udis!

  7. Joyce Petty says:

    Great products…

  8. Vanessa says:

    I have been suffering from indigestion and my doctor recommended I become gluten-free. I have had some successes but I still cheat once in awhile. I live in a small town and it is difficult but I am determined to do better. Since I have started reading here I realize that my joint and nerve pain might be relieved if I stop cheating. I can do better. I will do better.

  9. areta says:

    I already subscribe to newsletter

  10. I love Udi’s bread! It’s the only kind of gluten free bread I will buy. I was so amazed and happy that they make bread that tastes like “normal” bread without toasting it or anything. Thanks Udi’s!!!

  11. Joyce says:

    my 4 celiac grandchildren and I love Udi’s!! They take their lunch to school on Udi’s bread everyday. We especially like the new baguettes.

  12. areta says:

    I liked Gluten Free Carla on FB

  13. areta says:

    I love Udi’s

  14. Amy Sutton says:

    I also follow Gluten Free Carla on Facebook.

  15. Amy Sutton says:

    I would love to be able to try different Udi’s products without feeling guilty over the price stores charge for them.

  16. Anne Y says:

    I am an email subscriber!

  17. Anne Y says:

    I love Udi! I would love to get these coupons for Udi products….I am trying my best to follow a gluten free diet to help with my digestive problem and coupons always help!

  18. Amy bartley says:

    I love gluten free Carla. I follow her on fb and receive her newsletter.

  19. Amy bartley says:

    I am entering because I am still new to gf and trying new things. I already love Udis and want to try more products.

  20. Amanda B. says:

    Already follow on twitter (mandersqb)

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    Already liked on facebook

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    I love Udi’s. I would love to have coupons for free Udi’s!

  23. Marieann Marshall says:

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    I follow you on Twitter already my twitter name is Angelkisses6

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    I already like you on facebook

  26. Marieann Marshall says:

    I would love to win this as my husband lost his job 3 years ago and having to eat Gluten Free can be so Expansive I have not been able to get a lot of things to eat like bread and rolls and such. I love that you have these contests. Thank you

  27. Cindy W. says:

    I subscribe to your blog via email.

  28. Cindy W. says:

    I would love to win this prize because I am a big fan of Udi’s. Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. Joyce McDowell says:

    I am currently subscribed to “like” for your facebook page.

  30. Joyce McDowell says:

    I love your website and all the information you provide. I would love to win!

  31. Tricia Goss says:

    I want to enter because I love me some Udi’s!

  32. Dyanne Spease says:

    I have been receiving your newsletter for some time. Love it!!

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    I have shared this giveaway on google +

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    You are in my gluten free circle on google +

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    I already follow you on Pinterest.

  36. Dyanne Spease says:

    I posted this giveaway on my FB wall with the required “Enter this #Giveaway to win 3 free Udi’s Gluten Free Products via @Gluten Free Carla. Enter through Oct 20 – http://glutenfreerecipebox.com/udis-gluten-free-friends-giveaway/.”

  37. Dyanne Spease says:

    Below is what I posted on Udi’s FB wall.

    Hi I am sharing my story, the short version, to enter the giveaway from Gluten Free Carla.

    I have had to change my life style to gluten free, actually until I get down to my desired weight, I’m Primal, which is totally grain free with a small amount of dairy, because of my thyroid malfunctioning. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 3 years ago and put on medication. Even though the doc said my blood work was now normal, I still felt terrible and was showing all the same symptoms. Plus I was gaining weight like crazy, even while exercising. Then while researching the thyroid I ran across an article taking about the thyroid and a gluten connection and “gluten sensitivity”, not an allergy. My life has changed. Today I am at day 83, so just shy of 3 months and I am down 20 lbs and am feeling much better. Have a long way to go, probably not until April of next year will I be down to my desired weight, Father willing, if things continue as they are now. I have also corrected my high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. So excited to see what else takes place in the coming months!!

  38. Dyanne Spease says:

    I’m entering because I would love to try the Udi’s Salted Caramel Cashew Cookies and the Glutino’s Pretzel twists. I have seen them in the store but have not purchased them yet. Also because you have earned my trust with your suggestions. Another great giveaway!! Thanks so much.

  39. Jeanne L. says:

    I already receive your newsletter and enjoy it.

  40. Jeanne L. says:

    I have previously liked Gluten Free Carla on Facebook.

  41. Jeanne L. says:

    I follow you on pinterest.

  42. Jeanne L. says:

    Udi’s is awesome. It would be wonderful to try some of their new products!

  43. daniela says:

    I have my gff story on instagram http://instagram.com/p/fJldUjQaZb/

    And posted it on udi’s gluten free Facebook page.

    I believe all points have been completed now. Thanks Carla!

  44. daniela says:

    Now, I am following on instagram.wolfelephant3 / rion n idara.
    Was excited to see hot dogs and funnel cakes. Ready for the gf friendly carnival!!!

  45. daniela says:

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    Following you on twitter @wolfelephant3

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    I follow on Twitter! @Organicall_You

  51. Jessica @ OrganicallYou says:

    I want to win because eating GF helps me avoid inflammation!

  52. Melea richardson says:

    So thankful for Udi brand and there commitment to tasty gluten free food. They are a staple in my life and would love to try more of their products. As you may know most gluten free products are expensive so bring on the coupons!!

  53. daniela says:

    I subscribed to newsletter.

  54. daniela says:

    I commented on the naan recipe I hope to create next week with my chicken tikka masala.

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    Carla, following your pinterest.

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    I shared the giveaway on Facebook.

  57. daniela says:

    I liked you on Facebook. Rion N Idara

  58. daniela says:

    I used to get udi’s and rudi’s free from food banks when I lived in boulder. Food banks in Ohio don’t have any gluten-free options and it is crazy expensive to buy a loaf unless it is in the clearance area. I would love to enjoy a piece of bread that I do no have to assemble and bake myself. :-)

  59. Jeanne says:

    I would love to try some new Udi’s products.

  60. Mike says:

    My wife and I love Udi’s products and are always looking for something new!

  61. Malka Stern says:

    Wheat makes me calm but also gives me a rash. So I’d like alternatives.

  62. Joyce says:

    I am a Celiac as well as 4 of my grandchildren and we love all the Udi’s products!

  63. Becky says:

    receive your newsletter

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    Follow on Pinterest BeckyS

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    Follow on Facebook

  68. Becky says:

    The reason I am entering is because it would sure help defray the costs of Udi’s GF breads. My stores sell it for between $5.99 and $7.99 for bread and rolls.

  69. Jeanne says:

    I already follow you on Pinterest.

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    I follow Gluten Free Carla on Facebook.

  71. J Lens says:

    I love Udi’s and would love to win.

  72. Deborah says:

    twitter – DeborahHinojosa – new follower!

  73. Deborah says:

    would love to win these – I’m on a budget!

  74. Katie says:

    I’m already subscribed to your email.

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    You are already in my Gluten Free Circle on Google +

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    I shared my #GFF story on Facebook.

  82. Katie says:

    I love Udi’s products. These coupons would help out a lot!!

  83. connie i says:

    I already liked gluten free Carla on facebook. I enjoy the recipes.

  84. connie i says:

    I would love to receive the coupons for udi’s products. They would be greatly appreciated.

  85. Alisha Corley says:

    I would find it a great blessing to win the Udi’s gluten free friends giveaway. I am a stay at home/homeschooling mother of three on a very tight budget. Unfortunately the gluten free world has a higher pricetag to its gluten filled counterparts. I homemake most ALL of our gluten free products, from cookies to trailmix. Without Udi’s, I would have to make bread, tortillas and pizza crust….Do you know how many dough’s I have ruined????? Tortillas are ridiculously time counsuming and pizza crsut is downright impossible to get right. Udi’s you make our gluten free journey so much easier and wether we win or not I will always continue using your products!!! Thank you

  86. Janelle F. says:

    I shared this giveaway on FB.

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    I am already a subscriber to your newsletter!

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    I already “liked” Gluten-Free Carla on fb.

  89. Janelle F. says:

    I would love to win this because I am gluten-free & like to try new things! Also, coupons are great to help reduce the usually expensive prices of these items.

  90. Kristen says:

    I commented on the GFNutter Butter cookie recipe from Sept 13, 2013.

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    I follow you on Instagram.

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    I wish to enter because I really love the Udi’s pizza crusts. They make pizza SO easy to make!

  100. Sarah says:

    I am already a follower of GFC on Pinterest.

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    I am already a fan of Gluten Free Carla on Facebook.

  102. Sarah says:

    I would love the chance to try some of Udi’s gluten free products!

  103. Jennifer C says:

    I like Gluten Free Carla on Facebook. Thanks!

  104. Jennifer C says:

    I’d love to win because we eat Udi’s products all the time. Thanks!

  105. Rachel says:

    already like GF Carla

  106. Rachel says:

    I would love to win this! I am GF/DF and soy free. So this bread is perfect for me! It fits all the allergies and tastes pretty good too. :)

  107. Solducky says:

    I like Gluten Free Carla on FB as sarah solducky

  108. Solducky says:

    I have one kid with a dairy allergy, and one with a gluten intolerance, so we love Udi’s! They are kind of pricey though, so we don’t usually get anything but the bread, and it would be neat to try some of the other things like the muffins!

  109. Bradley Knotts says:

    My girlfriend has a hard time dealing with her celiac diagnosis recently and I think it would be awesome if I could win this to surprise her with and be there for her!

  110. Jessica @ OrganicallYou says:

    I like Gluten Free Carla on FB (Organicall You)

  111. Jessica @ OrganicallYou says:

    I would love to win because I love discovering new GF products. I am not celiac but gluten makes me very inflamed!

  112. As caregiver to my disabled Veteran husband, I noticed a massive improvement in symptoms when he is eating GF. Udis by far has the best tasting products (boy have we tries a lot of others!) and winning a box would be a blessing for us!

  113. Ragan Jarratt says:

    I would really appreciate the prize due to my struggle with dealing with have Celiacs Disease. With being diagnosed I use many of the Udi’s gluten free products. They have truly helped me in my journey with living a gluten free lifestyle. I would love to be entered and possibly win the prize. It would be absolutley wonderful!

  114. Gayle Dodson says:

    Udi’s products provide that crunch and texture my daughter missed when she became gluten intolerant. The coupons would be a wonderful surprise for my daughter!

  115. Wehaf says:

    I’d love to win because I like Udi’s products, but they are pricy around here. If I won I could get three loaves of bread for free!

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