Lesson 23: Gluten Free Cakes

From quick breads like pound cake to angel food, three-layer cakes to classics like Boston Cream, old fashion cakes such as Lady Baltimore to coffee cakes, you will learn what makes them all work. In this lesson all about gluten free cakes, learn how to perfect any cake recipe by knowing what ingredients and techniques …

Lesson 22: Gluten Free Dessert Sauces

Learn how to plate like a professional pastry chef. Make super easy to complex gluten free dessert sauces to accompany your desserts and breakfast treats like pancakes, waffles, crepes, and more. Caramel sauces and fruit purees are usually naturally gluten free.

Lesson 18: Gluten Free Sourdough Breads

Learn how to make a gluten free sourdough starter (a fermented batter) the traditional way. No commercial yeast required. Then, make an actual gluten free sourdough bread. Not all starters are alike. Learn the best flours to use to create a starter as well as the environment in which to develop it.

Lesson 16: Gluten Free Yeast Bread

I could write a book on gluten free bread baking and probably should. Instead, to simplify things, in this lesson you will learn the basics of how to make wonderful gluten free bread. In addition, you’ll learn how to adjust the recipe to use different flours.

Lesson 15: All About Yeast

Yeast. Without it, bread, cinnamon rolls, and other sweet doughs wouldn’t be the same. Yeast has the same effects in traditional baking as it does in gluten free baking. However, there are advantages of using a particular yeast over another in both gluten and gluten-free baking. Learn which variety of yeast produces faster and light …

Lesson 12: Gluten Free Pâte Sablée (Tender Tart Crust)

Traditional pâte sablĂ©e (see pronunciation) is a tender French pastry dough (closer to a cookie) that is usually a little sandy in texture and not flaky. Pâte SablĂ©e translated from French to English is “dough sand” or “sandy dough”. The recipe calls for confectioners’ sugar instead of granulated. When using traditional all-purpose flour, the recipe …