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Join us on Carla’s Cooking on October 7, 2010, 7pm PDT/10pm EDT for a 60 minute episode on “Gluten-Free Cooking and Baking” with long-time gluten-free expert, Carol Fenster, Ph.D., author of 9 titles of gluten-free and allergy-free cookbooks and lifestyle manuals, including award-winning “1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes” and her latest “100 Best Gluten-Free Recipes“.  Carol consults with manufacturers and created the gluten-free mixes and recipes for Bob Red Mill’s products. In addition, Carol delivers seminars on behalf of the U.S. Grains Council in Tokyo, Japan.

Carol Fenster, Ph.D.


Carol is president and founder of the website, The Savory Palate. She helps those with Celiac Disease, food allergies, autism and other conditions that may be helped by a change in diet. In addition, she provides cooking lessons on food sensitivity, intolerance and allergies fulfilling industry specific needs. She holds a doctorate in Sociology and leads a very active life in Colorado. Carol’s media credits include Reader’s digest, Woman’s World, Taste for Life, Natural Health, and Vegetarian Times, as well as several gluten-free publications and websites.  She recently teamed up with GFree Cuisine, a gluten-free recipe and menu planning program.

Check out Carol’s many books and cookbooks in hardcover and for Kindle (electronic versions).

Listen to our upcoming show and learn to cook with Carol. She is an expert with sorghum! Also learn substitutes for wheat, dairy, eggs, or white sugar. Also learn what I have to say about “100 Best Gluten-free Recipes”.  I’ll be trying one of her bread recipes soon and will post it on this site! In the meantime, check out the incredible recipes on Carol’s site!

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