Gluten Free Halloween Cupcakes

Image: Gluten Free Halloween Cupcakes

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When I make cupcakes I prefer to use natural frosting rather than artificial food coloring, though when I do use coloring, I use Select Tea’s natural food coloring for non-baked/heated food. In the gluten free Halloween cupcakes pictured, decorations were used for color, which can be used year after year. I’ve listed several links to different cupcake and cake recipe, along with frosting choices. Enjoy and be creative!
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Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Image: Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

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As many of your know, May is National Celiac Awareness month (and gluten-free awareness) . I was asked to contribute a gluten free cupcake recipe for the Cupcakes for a Cause event sponsored by the ACDA (American Celiac Disease Alliance). The number of cupcakes I needed to represent the number of years that I have been gluten free. Well, that seems simple enough, but because I fell off the wagon, so to speak, it hasn’t been quite 7 years, but that’s what I went with because that’s what I celebrate, the moment I found truth, gluten isn’t good. You’ll see my 7 cupcakes and a number of photos below. You may vote for which gluten free cupcake recipes you like on the Pinterest’s ACDA Cupcakes for a Cause page. Just like it or repin. Either counts as a vote. [Contest is now over.] Continue reading “Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Cupcakes”

Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting

Image: Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcake

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Have you ever made any of Carol Fenster‘s recipes for gluten free cupcakes or cakes? If not, you’re in for a decant delight! She’s an internationally recognized gluten free expert, author of several titles, consultant, teacher, speaker, and more! Check out her gluten free chocolate cupcakes recipe below. You won’t regret it. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting”

Gluten Free Cupcakes for Easter

Gluten Free Cupcakes

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Why not use one of these gluten free cake recipes and make gluten free cupcakes for Easter. They are wonderful for large groups, and can easily be frozen and then defrosted for frosting. Whatever your delight is, I’m sure you’ll find below, something that tempts your palate. Decorate in color! Add a little food coloring to the below fluffy white frosting, and perhaps use a little less fat (shortening or butter) to stiffen it up a bit or leave it fluffy. You can even add food coloring to homemade whipped cream. I like enjoy using natural food coloring made by Seelect Tea. You can find them online. Continue reading “Gluten Free Cupcakes for Easter”