Eat Your Coffee Energy Bars (Copycat Mocha Latte Recipe)

Copycat Eat Your Coffee Bars
New Grounds Food makes Eat Your Coffee Energy Bars. They are caffeinated bars that contain healthy gluten free and vegan ingredients. I’ve created my own version, starting with the Mocha Latte flavor. Personally, I don’t drink coffee but love these bars. The coffee doesn’t upset my stomach like liquid coffee usually does. Plus, their delicious!
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Marshmallow Fluff Gluten Free (Corn Free Option)

Gluten Free Marshmallow Fluff

This marshmallow fluff gluten-free recipe with a corn free option is a light and fluffy marshmallow cream filling you can use to fill gluten free desserts. While I already have a Marshmallow Creme Frosting/Filling Recipe, I needed something a little stiffer to fill my Gluten Free Mallomars that I recently made. (Recipe to come today.) This worked out perfectly. It is lighter and fluffier than store-bought marshmallows, which allows them to melt in your mouth! They taste creamier, better than marshmallows and are a good way to use up leftover egg whites. Continue reading “Marshmallow Fluff Gluten Free (Corn Free Option)”

Gluten Free Garam Masala Recipe

Homemade Gluten Free Garam Masala

Many spice blends like garam masala (Indian spice) and allspice, often contain gluten. If you’re not sure about the gluten status of a spice blend, make your own. Garam masala is best when you make it using roasted, whole spices which have been ground, but the easiest and fastest way is to use prepared ground spices. That’s what I use. Use your homemade gluten free garam masala in recipes like my Gluten Free Chicken Korma or Gluten Free Beef Korma Recipe. Continue reading “Gluten Free Garam Masala Recipe”