Gluten Free Cooking-Baking Class Reviews

Honest reviews of the 23-lesson gluten free cooking and baking class instructed by Carla Spacher in which classmates may participate in an online classroom setting via Facebook as well as at home on their own. See the class syllabus for more information.

I love this cooking class. I am trying new recipes that I have passed over because I thought they looked too involved or too hard. I enjoy learning the “why” of the recipes and better understanding the reasons behind them. And learning what makes gluten free cooking and baking different. I have pages of notes. Carla has been very encouraging throughout the class. She has been available to answer questions and walk me through things. I am proud of what I have accomplished during this class. I would take it again in a heartbeat.


Thank you Carla. I am thrilled to be apart of this gluten free cooking class. I have learned much on how to make gluten free look and taste amazing! For sure I can always count on your recipes. Thanks again.


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