Final Project

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Learn ideas on what to make for your final project in this gluten free cooking and baking class. This is your final chance to show us all what you can do! Also, check out your graduation medal and the 2021 special recognitions.

Firstly, if you minimally read all of the lessons, give yourself a hand. If you worked on and made multiple lessons, give yourself a pat on the back. If you did them all, allow me to applaud you! The amount you get out of anything is usually equal to what effort you put into it. The best way to learn is to read it, drill it or practice it, and apply it every chance you can.

Therefore, the lessons and the learning won’t stop here. The more you cook and bake, the more you will be able to apply what you have learned. You’ll learn more the more you do.


  1. Write down what you got out of this class. Entitle it, “In Review”. Please send it to me as it will help me fine-tune this course for others in the future. If you wish to email it or text it, that’s fine. You can also share it with everyone in the Private Facebook Group.
  2. Write down the questions you still have. If you can send it to me, great. I’ll know what should be added to this course when/if I ever fit it into a future cookbook. Of course, I’ll answer your questions too. Follow up with me on your questions, even if it’s a little at a time, even after I retire.
  3. Make something elaborate with your newfound knowledge. You don’t have to use a recipe on my website. Instead, you can create something of your own or convert a traditional recipe to gluten free. Show me, yourself, and your family and friends that you’re a gluten baker or cook. Remember that elaborate cake made by Victoria Pastry Bakery in San Francisco, the St. Honoré cake, in Lesson 6: Pâté à Choux? Make something just as elaborate. Make whatever showcases your newfound talents. Perhaps you like the challenge of puff pastry. Have you ever tasted or made Beef Wellington? Or perhaps make a smaller batch of puff pastry and cover a piece of salmon to make Salmon Wellington. If you’ve never been good at decorating cakes or never made or handled fondant, make an elaborate birthday cake. What were horrible at doing before this class. Now, do it successfully! Don’t worry if your first attempt wasn’t perfect. You’ll get there. Please share anything you care to on the Facebook page or directly to me.

As always, if you need to review any previous lessons, see the Syllabus.

Awards – Class of 2021

If you’ve stuck with me throughout these last 20 months, you deserve an award! Since this is a virtual classroom, here is your virtual award:

Gluten Free Cooking & Baking Class Graduation Award

Special Recognition:

Cynthia Kolb graduates Summa Cum Laude (latin for With Highest Honor) and is our 2021 valedictorian. I can’t wait to hear/read her speech!