Gluten-free Giveaway and Review: Jones Dairy Farm

Jones Dairy Farm was very kind in sending me coupons for free products to review. They carry gluten-free bacon (old fashion slab or sliced) in several varieties; link sausages (including turkey links)and patties in multiple flavors; Canadian bacon; ham (deli sliced, steak; pork sausage roll; liverwurst (chunk and sliced) and a variety of fully cooked hams! Oh my!

Gluten-free Breakfast Sausage

Jones Dairy Farm performs gluten testing, required by the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America, in order for their packages to bear the certification symbol from the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). Results are sent, as requested, to maintain their certificate. The products are certified gluten-free, to 10 ppm (parts per million) gluten or less, in accordance with the standards set by the GFCO.

Canadian Bacon

Jones Dairy Farm Canadian Bacon

My first stop in the grocery store was for the Canadian bacon. Oh yum! It had been so long! I believe Von’s charges about $4.59, if my memory serves me correctly. You can check out my Gluten-free Eggs Benedict Recipe (over breakfast potatoes). It was so delicious!

Canadian Bacon Ingredients: Cured with water, potassium lactate, salt, sugar,sodium diacetate, sodium phosphates, sodium ascorbate sodium nitrite.

Sausage Links

Next I went to Raley’s and purchased 3 different flavors of their link sausages: maple made from pork, beef, and mild made from pork. I microwaved a couple of the beef link sausages to see how it would turn out. Microwaving is okay if you are going to mix them with something. I used 2 on my Gluten-free Polenta Pizza Crust. It tasted great – flavorful, without a lot of saltiness! I suggest using the stove top to prepare them if you are going to eat them plain, such as with eggs, etc. I fried one of each for a taste test and they were all delicious! Nice and brown and very flavorful, again, without being too salty. The maple flavor was very mild, which was nice; the pork one was perfectly golden brown and very plump compared to the others. The others browned much darker, almost black, which was a delight, as well. One of the best thing about their sausages is that they are free of MSG, nitrites and preservatives! Definitely a healthier choice compared to many that contain gluten!

Jones Dairy Farm Maple Sausage Links

All Natural Golden Brown Maple Pork Sausage Links Ingredients: pork, water, maple sugar, salt, spices, sugar, maple flavor (caramelized sugar syrup, flavorings, maple syrup, brown sugar)

Jones Dairy Farm Beef Links

All Natural Golden Brown Made from Beef Sausage Links Ingredients: beef, water, potato starch, salt, sugar, spices

Gluten-free Link Sausages

All Natural Golden Brown Mild Pork Sausage Links Ingredients: pork, water, salt, spices, sugar

Ham Steak

Jones Dairy Farm Gluten-free Ham Steak


By grilling this ham steak, it had even more flavor! It was absolutely devine! – and ham is not my favorite! The last couple of minutes of grilling I basted it with my Gluten-free Plum Sauce. This was the first time I ever prepared a ham steak. I usually like my ham thin and on the dry side. Other chefs and cooks think I’m crazy! Yet, I know other people who like it the same way. However, this gluten-free ham steak was thick and moist, yet delicious! This ham steak would make an awesome grilled ham and pineapple kabob, too! Jones Dairy Farm has a great grilled ham steak and sauce recipe using common ingredients (make sure to use gluten-free Worcestershire sauce!

I will definitely keep Jones Dairy Farm in mind for my Christmas ham at the end of the year, as well as my breakfast bacon and more!

To find recipes using Jones Dairy Farms products see their “Recipes” tab on the their home page. Just make sure you use gluten-free ingredients, such as gluten-free Worcestershire sauce, etc.

Ham Steak Ingredients: Cured with water, potassium lactate, salt, modified potato starch, brown sugar, sodium phosphates, sugar, sodium diacetate, sodium ascorbate, spices, sodium nitrite.



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Disclaimer: Jones Dairy Farm provided us with free coupons for free samples of their products to review, and we were under no obligation to review them. Nor were we under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free products.

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31 Replies to “Gluten-free Giveaway and Review: Jones Dairy Farm”

  1. It is all well and good to be gluten free, but I am staying away from all products that have nitrites. You see, both of my parents have had brain tumors and nitrites have been found to increase the risk for having a brain tumor.
    I have found that Jimmy Dean’s products do not have nitrites. Of course, I cannot eat their sandwiches, as I am gluten free, but love that I can eat their breakfast bowls. Now if I could only find nitrite free liverworst!

  2. For an additional entry, and to help out my fellow GF friends, I linked this entry to my FB page “Doesn’t Taste Gluten Free”

  3. I have “liked” Jones Dairy Farm on FB in order to qualify for an additional entry.

    Thanks again!

  4. I graciously request to be entered in the Jones Dairy Farm giveaway as I’m anxious to try their all natural GF products based upon your reviews. My family loves breakfast meats, but with so many including questionable ingredients in their products, I’ve been nervous to indulge since 2 out of the 3 of us have to be Gluten Free. Thank you so much for working with Jones Dairy Farm to research and review their products.

  5. I love Jones and have for years. I live close to the main office in Fort Atkinson and I never knew they were gluten free… this just makes the products all the more special in my life.. I would be thrilled to win anything from them..

  6. I have Celiac Sprue and I miss eating sausage gravy. I want to support a company that doesn’t use MSG, but does use natural ingredients.
    Gluten Free products are so expensive, I really appreciate coupons!

  7. Going gluten-free has been hard for me, so having some gluten free food is wonderful. I will be looking forward to trying this. Thank you.

  8. I’ve been gluten free for 2 weeks (tomorrow). I’ve had several health issues and my doctors haven’t been super helpful trying to find the root. I finally decided to just omit gluten and see what happened. It’s seriously amazing the difference it’s made.

  9. I would love to be entered to win these coupons. When buying foods, I would prefer to buy those that are certified gluten free, like these!

  10. I would love to get the coupons. I have to eat gf and as a poor college student, coupons are always welcome. I love Jones sausage and would like to try other products. Thanks!

  11. Don’t forget the “mandatory” part of leaving a comment on “why you wish to enter”. Otherwise your comment will not be published and you will not be entered in the contest. See rule No. 1 above. I’m just reminding everyone because 3 people today missed this step. Good luck!

  12. I simply love the Jones products.. Gluten Free of course.. I am so lucky to live about 20 miles from the Jones original plant in Fort Atkinson WI.. their products are just AWESOME to say the least..

  13. Liked you on FB and have been gluten free for the last 4 months and have never felt better in my life.

  14. While I am just gluten-intolerant, moving to a gf diet has improved my life SO much. The costs of eating a gf, primarily organic diet adds up. These coupons would be put to great use ( a happy belly AND a happy wallet!)

  15. I would love to win this giveaway because I think Jones gluten free sausages are wonderful. I make my own version of an egg mcmuffin with them. Yummy!

  16. can always use coupons. I have celiac sprue and microscopc colitus so have to be gluten free. Thanks for your products/

  17. Recently diagnosed 2 weeks ago with Celiac Sprue Disease – missing sausage/gravy biscuits for breakfast or just sausage eggs and toast- so very happy to know I can now have my sausage again and can’t wait to try Jones products!

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