Jules’ Crusty French Gluten Free Baguettes

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Jules E. Dowler Shepard, author of Free for All Cooking any other gluten free cookbooks, recently shared with us on this blog her gluten-free baguette recipe. I made them and just have to share with you how wonderful this recipe is. She offers several different flours and starches to use. The recipe below is the result of the starches that I used. I haven’t been this excited about a recipe in a long time! It’s was incredible!

My husband, who eats gluten food, preferred this bread over his gluten bread. Imagine homemade french bread made with gluten and you’ll have an idea how great this recipe tastes. Obviously, it did not taste like a gluten bread, but it is the best gluten free bread I have ever had! I made it a little healthy by using her gluten free flour blend.

Now, let me explain how her flour blend recipe works. She lists several combinations of flours to choose from. You can check out the flour blend recipe at Jules Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour Blend. I just wanted to share with you my flour choices when making these wonderful gluten free baguettes.

Note: This recipe may be made either dairy-free or egg-free as the top needs one of the two to aid in browning. However, adding a bit of water instead of milk will work. You’ll just end up with paler bread, but still crusty.

My plan was to take a really pretty photo of the best piece and present it here, but my husband and I were too far busy enjoying the bread to even think about taking a photo. A matter of fact, I left it out for us to enjoy; therefore, the photo above may look a little stale on the end, but it was sooooo good!

I went back to have the last piece, as I was sure my husband left it for me, as he had has his share, so I assumed. I found the last piece gone! Oh my! Not another word was spoken. The next day I made the largest batch of this flour blend, which I have never done, ever! I am more into experimenting rather than making one recipe over and over again, but this one will be in my recipe box for eternity!

Enjoy this amazing recipe!

Jules’ Crusty French Gluten Free Baguettes


Yield: 3 baguettes

Jules’ Crusty French Gluten Free Baguettes

A wonderful textured gluten free baquette or french bread.



  1. Click the above link and make according to the instructions.


Though Jules' recipe calls for rapid rise yeast, I used instant.

Excerpted from “Free For All Cooking” by Jules E. Dowler Shepard. Copyright © 2010 Da Capo Press. Reprinted with permission.  All rights reserved.

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