Members FAQs

Q. What should I do if I can’t login or reset my password?

A. Go to this Login Page if you are having trouble logging in or resetting your password. At the bottom of the page, click on “Lost your password?” An email will be sent to you so that you can reset your password. If your do not receive an email to reset your password, please check your email account’s junk folder. If the email is not there, please contact support here by phone or email. Please have a temporary password in mind that will be set for you. Then, you should be able to reset the password yourself.

In case you are not aware, there is a box that you can check that will save your sign in details as long as your device is set to allow saving passwords. There are also browsers that will securely store your login information.


I am signed in but now I can’t find the recipe the recipe I originally clicked on in the newsletter. 

If you clicked on a recipe in a newsletter, and you had to sign in, in order to access it, click on your web browser’s  back arrow icon to get back to the recipe page and refresh the page. You should now see the recipe.If you clicked on a recipe in a newsletter, and you were already signed in, just go back to the recipe page and refresh the page. You should now see the recipe.

After you enter your password on the login page, if you check the box to remember your password, you should rarely need to login.


Q. How do I change my login email address?

A. Once you are logged into the site, go to the Account Details page and change your email address. Then, click SAVE.

In the future, if you’re on the My Account page, then click on Account Details.


Q. How do I change my email address for my newsletter subscription?

A. To change your email address for the newsletter subscription, go to the bottom of the email and click on “Update Profile”.


Q. How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

A. At the bottom of the newsletter, you will see an Unsubscribe link. Click it and it will bring you to a page that show your email address. Just click on the “Unsubscribe” box.


Q. My email address is not recognized. How do I login?

A. If this is the first time you are logging in, and you have already reset your password through the link that was sent to you when you first subscribed, please contact Support.


Q. How do I find the featured recipes?

A. On a PC, on the left side of all recipes, you’ll find a sidebar. First, you’ll see a photo of Carla. Underneath the photo, there are several links to pages beginning with the home page. Scroll down below all of these links, and you’ll see icons for Facebook, Twitter, and more. Then you’ll see the “Join Now” image. Underneath this image is the Categories dropdown menu. Just underneath the dropdown menu is a box for “Search”. Type the recipe name you want in the field underneath the word “Search”. Then click “Enter”, Search, or “Go” depending upon what your device shows.

On a mobile phone, you will most likely see three white bars. Click on them and scroll down. You will find several links to pages on this site. Acroll down further until you see the search box.


Do you have a recipe index?

A. Yes. There is a recipe index. you will find it in the links described in the above answer. However, you may also click here.


My real name shows up when I go to make a comment. Can I change this?

A. You can add a username that displays when you comment on this website or when you write a review of a product that you purchased. To add or change your username, go to  Edit Account which can be found under My Account that shows up after you login.