Lesson 11: Six Types of Buttercream

Basically, there are four well-known types of buttercream. You will learn about those in detail as well as two others that are less known. Buttercream serves more purposes than just flavor, sweetness, and moisture. Discover everything there is to know about buttercream in this lesson.

Lesson 10: About Butter

In this lesson about butter, you will learn that it is not only a staple in most homes but an essential part of baking. While we have a number of dairy-free substitutions to work with nowadays, nothing works as perfectly. Whether you’re a veteran home baker or a newbie, there is probably something for everyone …

Lesson 8: Gluten Free Meringue

When baking gluten free meringue can lighten batters and make wonderful toppings and fillings. You learned all about eggs in Lesson 5: Eggs & Gluten Free Baking. In this lesson, you’ll add sugar and perhaps a stabilizer to those eggs to make varieties of meringue.