No-Bake Gluten Free Granola Bars

Image: Gluten Free Granola Bar

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While visiting with the grandkids I wanted to see them eat healthier snacks and created this recipe for gluten free granola bars. I loved them so much I will be making them for myself on a regular basis, perhaps with and without the chocolate! These are addicting! Enjoy creating your own gluten free granola bars by using this recipe as a base. Continue reading “No-Bake Gluten Free Granola Bars”

Gluten Free Beef Stew and Brown Gravy

Image: Gluten Free Beef Stew

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Beef stew is a family classic, but if you are gluten-free you may not know how to thicken the gravy in gluten free beef stew, like you used to do it with all-purpose flour.  Take a peek at this very easy, tasty recipe that you can cook in large portions and freeze for those busy days or drop-in guests.  It’s fork tender!  You can use the meat for just about anything: beef stew, shredded beef tacos or enchiladas and more!  One of my family’s fave!  Yum Continue reading “Gluten Free Beef Stew and Brown Gravy”

Not Thousand Island Salad Dressing Gluten Free Tomato Free Low Carb

Image: Low Carb Tomato Free Gluten Free Thousand Island Dressing

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If you like Thousand Island Dressing, but are on a low carb diet or are seeking one without tomato (catchup) this is a great recipe! My family and guests cannot tell the difference and it’s made with stevia. On low-carb diets you probably already know that regular catchup is a no-no. And for those of us who are allergic to tomatoes, this is a dream come true! Below you will find a dressing that tastes and looks like thousand island, but is low carb and a healthier choice. My husband and daughter were leery of trying it, but found it tastes just like the real thing! Continue reading “Not Thousand Island Salad Dressing Gluten Free Tomato Free Low Carb”

Gluten Free Fondue Recipes – The Best Thing I Ever Ate!

Gluten Free Fondue Menu

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When you have guests you’ll want to make your work as easy as possible the day of the event.  Serve something simple, yet elegant. Fondue is something you can prepare ahead of time, allowing time to mingle with your guests. Gluten free fondue also makes a wonderful Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or special date night dinner. I”ve listed several gluten free fondue recipes  They truly are my favorite gluten free recipes. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Fondue Recipes – The Best Thing I Ever Ate!”

Gluten Free Granola Recipe

Homemade Gluten Free Granola

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Dr. Vikki Petersen, co-author of “The Gluten Effect” was on my online radio show, “Carla’s Cooking,” this evening. She has this wonderful gluten free granola recipe to share with you. It may be used in several ways: as a breakfast cereal, in protein bars, in parfaits, to top ice cream, and many more. There is nothing like warm granola straight from the oven! Enjoy. Continue reading “Gluten Free Granola Recipe”

Why Soak Nuts, Grains, Beans, Peas, Before Eating?

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In one of Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Kitchen YouTube videos she mentioned the importance of soaking nuts and rinsing nuts and explained a little about them containing enzyme inhibitors. This made me wonder more about why we should soak nuts before eating them? My research shows that all nuts and seeds contain enzyme inhibitors which will neutralize some of the enzymes our bodies produce. Your body needs enzymes to survive. I learned a lot from reading several articles on this topic and share my findings below. Continue reading “Why Soak Nuts, Grains, Beans, Peas, Before Eating?”

Gluten Free Artichoke Dip made with Greek Yogurt

Image: Gluten Free Artichoke Dip

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We are taking some family members out for dinner tomorrow night, but wanted to serve an hors d’oeuvre before we leave for dinner. I needed to satisfy a gluten-free diet as well as a regular diet. I wanted to make a spinach dip, but wanted to use what I had in the house. Ah-hah! I had a can of artichoke hearts.That would do! It taste very yummy and it hasn’t even cooled yet. Give it a try! Continue reading “Gluten Free Artichoke Dip made with Greek Yogurt”