Gluten Free Cooking and Baking Classes

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Learn how to cook and bake through online gluten free cooking classes instructed by a gluten free and vegan recipe developer to manufacturers, Carla Spacher. You learn to cook and bake gluten free. You can also get help using alternative ingredients so that you can also avoid any additional ingredients to which you may be intolerant. All of this without the sacrifice of texture and flavor. If needed, learn replacements for dairy, egg, soy, corn, nuts, tapioca, and gum, to name a few, or perhaps you’re vegan. Read the syllabus/outline, which includes 23 lessons and a final project and start today!  You have until August 2010 to complete the course or download just before then for future reading. This course also requires that you obtain a recipe membership to access all of the 1,800+ recipes on this website.