Gluten Free Cake Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Image: Gluten Free Cake - Heart Shaped

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Gluten free cake recipes are one the easiest desserts to make. Perhaps you and your loved one have a favorite. I provide you with several links to gluten free cake recipes below. I really wanted to teach you how to make a heart shape cake, info case you didn’t already know how. However, not having any photos of the actual assembling of a heart shaped cake, I thought I would share my illustration and directions instead. I hope some of you find it useful. Have fun baking your cake!  Continue reading “Gluten Free Cake Recipes for Valentine’s Day”

Gluten Free Funnel Cake

Image: Gluten Free Funnel Cake

One of my Facebook friends asked me if I had a gluten free funnel cake recipe. I didn’t, but it intrigued me, as I had never made one, or tasted one before. I headed on over to one of my favorite chef’s, Alton Brown, to see how he made them. You can watch his Funnel Cake video. Either click on the photo with the arrow or the Video tab above the recipe. Funnel cakes are usually served at fairs, carnivals and street vendors. If you’re missing them now that you’re gluten free, try making this recipe at home. I must say, they are very addicting! Continue reading “Gluten Free Funnel Cake”

Gluten Free Pound Cake

Image: Gluten Free Pound Cake

One of my Facebook friends requested a recipe for a gluten free pound cake. This recipe is my first attempt. I love pound cake and have not made one or tasted one in years. It rose perfectly. It turned out just a tad grainy (not as bad once it cools) because I had added 1/4 cup brown rice flour. Rice flour tends to be grainy. I have substituted the brown rice flour for additional tapioca flour in the recipe below. That should make it nice and starchy like a good pound cake (UPDATE: See feedback from a reader below.) I suggest to use regular white sugar instead of the organic evaporated sugar. It gives it a different taste. At 1 hour the cake was not done baking. I left it in for 10 minutes longer, but that was too long. Time got away from me. I suggested 1 hour to 1 hour 5 minutes total. At 1 hour and 10 minutes, it did not make the cake dry, but the outside was a little harder than I wanted. I fixed that by wrapping it in foil where the steam softened it right up. Not bad for attempt number one. My suggested changes are below. I was trying to go a little healthier, but it did not work as planned. This is a heavy pound cake, but oh so delicious! Enjoy. One reader surely did – “better than Starbuck’s!” Continue reading “Gluten Free Pound Cake”