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  • I'm get some strange overlaps on my screen while looking through here today. Not sure if I got this correct so I'm trying again. I read through the reviews for Ryze and made a comment there but then this came up so I'll comment here as well for the Giveaway. I'm always looking for improvements on GF flour mixes. This one caught my attention in part because it's a "less is more" which seems potentially a good thing. I have a shortbread recipe I've used for years (mom's recipe) that is my husband's favorite cookie. Since he was diagnosed with Celiac I haven't been able to replicate it in a GF version. It's only got flour, sugar and butter so I'm hoping Ryze might be the best answer. As well, he's diabetic so the lower carbs would be another big help overall for my baking.

  • I could so use this book. Just found out my daughter is allergic to wheat n dairy. Finding it hard to find subsitutes and a new way of the diet for us! :) please..

  • As I get more and more gluten free savvy, I appreciate these recipe's beyond belief.
    I would love to have a copy of the book. The soy sauce recipe is a g-d send, as I really like to do a lot with it.

  • My husband and I just found out we must go gluten-free, so the cookbook would be a great help! Hope to win!

  • Hi, I would love to have this gluten free cookbook. I had become a really good baker and then became very sick from gluten. I miss being able to cook all my favorite foods, so I was very excited to see this book.

  • I have a very matabolism so I take a bite of regular sweet and put on weight. I'm a dieabitic , had a heart attact and am over weight. I have a really hard time not eating sweets and have tried Gluten free and it helps.

    • Margaret,

      Glad it's working for you! Stay tuned for upcoming giveaways. I usually have 2-6 going at one time, but I've been busy taking care of my ill father. Check back again!

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