Carbohydrates Database – Amounts in Gluten Free Flour and Starch

Some gluten-free dieters gain weight because of the higher carbohydrate content in gluten-free goods. This searchable database provides you with the amounts of carbohydrates in the most commonly used dry gluten-free ingredients such as flour, starches, protein, and common vegan items such as nutritional yeast. This information is important for weight loss and especially if you have diabetes or are on a low-carb diet. Starchy white flour may be okay to consume on occasion but always reach for the healthiest combinations. Learn the carb levels of your ingredients so that you can make healthy choices. 

Why Low-Carbs Are Better:

The more carbohydrates the average person consumes, the more weight they will gain. Therefore, try substituting a small amount of your gluten free flour with a lower-carb ingredient. Heavier ingredients such as flaxseed meal should be used in small amounts. You can slowly increase the item each time you make it. Stop increasing it once you discover how hardy of a baked good you prefer.

If you are diabetic, you are already aware that low-carb meals help you control your blood glucose levels. If you are borderline diabetic, as so many Americans are, you should also watch the levels of carbohydrates that you consume.


How to Use This Table:

Click on any column title (Ingredient, Brand, Amount, or Carbohydrates) to sort the table alphabetically or numerically.

To search, just begin typing a word. Everything containing those first few letters will automatically appear. Example: Typing “sorg” bring up “sorghum flour”. There is no need to click on “enter” “search” or “go” on any of your devices.


Important Note: Bob’s Red Mill sometimes offers products in gluten free as well as gluten-containing varieties. Be sure to look for their gluten free symbol or the term “gluten free,” on their packaging. If you do not see either, it is not safe for you to consume if you are intolerant to gluten.

IngredientBrandAmountCarbohydrates (grams)
Almond Flour, Superfine - Blanched or WholeBob's Red Mill1/4 cup6
CornstarchBob's Red Mill1/4 cup28
Favabean FlourBob's Red Mill1/4 cup19
Millet FlourBob's Red Mill1/4 cup22
Oat FlourBob's Red Mill1/4 cup19.5
Potato FlourBob's Red Mill1/4 cup36
Potato StarchBob's Red Mill1/4 cup40
Rice Flour (Brown)Bob's Red Mill1/4 cup31
Rice Flour (White)Bob's Red Mill1/4 cup32
Rice Flour - Superfine (Brown) Authentic Foods1/4 cup31
Rice Flour - Superfine (White)Authentic Foods1/4 cup32
Rice Flour - Superfine (Brown) Vitacost.com1/4 cup31
Sorghum FlourBob's Red Mill1/4 cup25
Tapioca Flour/StarchBob's Red Mill1/4 cup26
Teff FlourBob's Red Mill1/4 cup29
Buckwheat FlourArrowhead Mills1/4 cup20
Amaranth FlourBob's Red Mill1/4 cup34
Chestnut FlourNuts.com100 g/3.5 oz.78
Rice Flour - Sweet/AsianBob's Red Mill1/4 cup40
Hazelnut FlourBob's Red Mill1/4 cup5
Flaxseed Meal, GoldenBob's Red Mill1/4 cup8
Expandex Modified Tapioca StarchGluten Free You and Me1/4 cup26
Corn Flour, Stone Ground (not cornstarch)Bob's Red Mill1/4 cup22
Corn Grits/PolentaBob's Red Mill1/4 cup27
Cornmeal - MediumBob's Red Mill1/4 cup23
Hasa Marina - GoldenBob's Red Mill1/4 cup21
Chia SeedsBob's Red Mill1/4 cup20
Oats, Steel-CutBob's Red Mill1/4 cup29
Oats, RolledBob's Red Mill1/4 cup16
Arrowroot Powder/Flour/StarchBob's Red Mill1/4 cup28
Quinoa FlourBob's Red Mill1/4 cup18
Rice BranBob's Red Mill1/4 cup16
Teff, WholegrainBob's Red Mill1/4 cup37
Bean Flour, WhiteBob's Red Mill1/4 cup20
Nutritional Yeast. Large FlakeBob's Red Mill1/4 cup5
Textured Soy Protein (TSP), OrganicBob's Red Mill1/4 cup5
Bean Flour, BlackBob's Red Mill1/4 cup22
Textured Vegetable ProteinBob's Red Mill1/4 cup7
Flaxseed Meal, Whole Ground/BrownBob's Red Mill1/4 cup8
Garbanzo Bean FlourBob's Red Mill1/4 cup18
Soy Lecithin GranulesBob's Red Mill1 Tablespoon1
Soy Protein PowderBob's Red Mill1/4 cup0
Coconut FlourBob's Red Mill1/4 cup16
Rice Flour - Superfine (White) Vitacost.com1/4 cup32

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