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  • Why did you decide to stop selling memberships and make this site free?

During this trying time of COVID-19, I still have bills to pay for this website, but at least my husband is still working. For the many unemployed, I couldn’t imagine charging any money for this site. So, I am adding Google ads back to this site in hopes it will cover the $500 per month overhead until I retire.

  • What is your contact information?

Carla Spacher

Wilkins Publishers, LLC
P.O. Box 529
Coarsegold, CA 93614

  • Is your website secure?

Yes. As you can see, all of the pages on this website begin with https, which means it is secure. But you can always check the status of the security on your device near the url/link.

  • Do you have a cookbook?

I am currently working on a cookbook. However, editing and formatting are still in progress. All of the recipes in my cookbook are already on this site. The working title of the book is, “Carla’s Best 125 Gluten-Free Recipes”. It will first be available for presale and sale on Amazon.

  • Can I print out your recipes?

Yes. You may print out a printer-friendly version of any recipe on this site. Simply click on “Print” above the recipe.

  • Can I pin your recipes to Pinterest or share them on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter?

Yes. You may pin the recipes on this website to Pinterest. Below each recipe or article, you will find icons representing the most popular social networks. Just click one and share the photo and/or link.

While sharing the title, image, and link to the recipe is appreciated, please do not violate copyrights by sharing the recipe itself.

  • Are your measurements in your recipes in both U.S. cups and metric?

Recipes are only in U.S. measurements (cups). If you wish to convert them yourself, you may use the conversion chart, which is available for everyone.

  • Do you use rice in your recipes?

Yes. Many recipes contain rice flour. However, I have about a dozen recipes for other homemade flour blends that you are welcome to use as a substitute but expect different results.

  • Do you use modified starch as in ULTRA-TEX 3 or Expandex?

I only have two or three recipes that contain such modified starch as Expandex or Ultra-Tex 3. After experimenting with these products, I decided I wanted to use more natural products in my baked goods and have been able to achieve wonderful textures without them. Be aware that just because a product is listed as non-GMO does not mean it is natural. It just means it was not genetically modified. Chemicals are not often genetically modified. In addition, modified starch lacks flavor.

  • Do you use a homemade flour mix to make gluten-free recipes?

I usually use a homemade flour blend for most recipes. However, some recipes do best using different ingredients. I usually use my homemade blends (one self-rising and another not) that include superfine rice flour for cakes, pancakes, pastries, etc. I also use regular rice flour for many other recipes. Other flour blends by other gluten-free authors that are also on this site may include ingredients like sorghum flour.

  • Is there a commercial all-purpose flour mix that I can use in place of your homemade flour blend?

Instead of using my homemade flour blends that call for superfine rice flour, you may wish to try a commercial blend instead. Some members use Better Batter or Cup4Cup. However, my experience is that using my flour recipe results in a better product than using Cup4Cup. I haven’t tried Better Batter.