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Chocolate Mirror Glaze Cake

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If you’re not already familiar with Carla, visit the About Carla page. If you know Carla’s works, then, you’re back for more amazing recipes!

Also, you can Save Money with her many homemade recipes for copycat flour mixes, breads, cookies, dairy-free ingredients including great-tasting cheddar cheese shreds, almond milk or gluten free oat milk that looks like cow’s milk, and more. Just visit the main menu and click on Categories or search for a particular recipe using the above search box.

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Gluten Free Cooking Classes - Mother and Daughter

Since her semi-retirement in August 2020, Carla is now offering online gluten free cooking classes. You can purchase all 23 lessons and Carla will personally help you through them. Learn at your own pace and get access to Carla’s expert advice, videos, tips, and recipes. There are no tests; so, don’t stress.  Applying what you learn is the most important aspect of learning. This is why Carla’s Gluten Free Cooking Classes work. That and having clear and concise instructions. Carla also makes it all fun!

This is the perfect time to learn gluten free baking or to perfect or add to your current culinary skillet set. There are so many things that the everyday baker still doesn’t know or understand. Cooking and baking is a never ending learning experience. Scroll down to learn more and sign up today!

In addition to learning gluten free and traditional culinary skills, you learn many substitutions of ingredients for additional food intolerances. Carla has perfected gluten free dairy free baking as well as traditional. If you’re egg intolerant she can help you there as well. With Carla’s help, you can achieve traditional results even if you’re gluten free, dairy-free, and egg-free.

Once you purchase these online gluten free cooking & baking lessons…

You will have access to all 23 lessons and can get started today! This guarantees you Carla’s assistance for one full year through her Instagram Messaging, Private Facebook group, or text.

All students have the option of joining Carla’s private Facebook group once they sign up for her gluten free cooking classes. Carla personally answers everyone’s questions, praises your work, helps you through any challenges, teaches you more than what you’ll learn through the lessons alone, and is there to cheer you 

Cost: $99.99





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