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  • When you are on the checkout page, it is an extremely secure. Notice the page url/link begins with “https”. This signifies a secure checkout process.
  • When doing anything on this website, your email is never sold or shared with anyone besides Carla. Your email is not visible once your comment is published. She never discloses any of your details to third parties. No one can see your credit card or PayPal information. It goes straight to the financial institution.
  • When entering a giveaway, and you win, the name, address, phone number, and email address that you provide as a winner are usually shared with the company or person sponsoring the giveaway. Sometimes this is a manufacturer, book publisher, individual company owner, or Carla.
  • This site uses cookies which are stored on your computer. All of the cookies are anonymous and do not include personal details. They are used for the following purposes:

(a) Your IP Address is provided to us when you leave a comment.

(b) Your IP Address will never be used unless warranted such as to take action on spammers.

  • Your IP Address will never be used unless warranted such as to take action on spammers.

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  • Your email address is never shared or sold to any person or corporation.
  • Your email address, name, and other personal information are kept confidential.
  • The only purpose your name and email address are used is when Carla sends out her newsletters.

Google Ads

Because I place Google ads online, users who have chosen to enable Google to associate their web browsing history with their Google account, and to use information from their Google account to personalize ads across the Internet, Google will use data from its signed-in users together with the analytics Google collects from my website to build audience lists for cross-device (use of more than one device to complete a transaction) remarketing. In order to support this feature, Google Analytics will collect Google-authenticated identifiers associated with a user’s Google Accounts (and therefore, personal information).

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