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Gluten Free Chocolate Bundt Cake (Dairy-Free Option)

A super moist, tender, and light gluten free chocolate bundt cake that everyone will enjoy. After months of experimentation, this is the best chocolate cake I have ever had, gluten free or not. This recipe may also be made into cupcakes or a layer cake.

Watch the video to see how tender, moist, and light this cake really is.

Gluten Free Chocolate Bundt Cake and Cupcakes

This recipe makes a moist and tender gluten free bundt cake, layer cake, and cupcakes.
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Ingredient Keyword brown sugar, buttermilk, Carla's Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour Blend, cocoa powder, coffee, Dutch-processed cocoa powder
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 56 minutes
Cooling Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 46 minutes
Servings 18 people


  • 2-3/4 cups granulated sugar vegan/organic if necessary, but add to the mixing time
  • 2-1/4 cups + 2 tablespoons gluten free all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup + 2 tablespoons baking Dutch-processed cocoa plus 2 more tablespoons for dusting the pan (or regular unsweetened)
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3 large eggs** at room temperature
  • 1-1/2 cups strongly brewed coffee
  • 1-1/2 cups low-fat buttermilk or dairy-free recipe*
  • 3/4 cup neutral-flavored oil
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon confectioners' sugar for garnish


  1. Generously oil a 10-inch fluted bundt/tube pan; dust with 2 tablespoons cocoa powder; line a 6-cup muffin pan with paper liners or oil and dust with cocoa powder; set both aside. Preheat the oven to 325ºF.
  2. In a large bowl, combine the sugar, flour blend, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.
  3. Add the eggs, coffee, buttermilk, oil, and vanilla extract. Beat on medium speed 2 minutes. Fill the 6 muffin tins three-quarters full with batter. Pour the remaining batter into the prepared bundt pan.
  4. Bake cupcakes for 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. Bake bundt cakes for 55 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.
  5. Transfer the pan to a wire rack to cool 10 minutes. Then, remove the cupcakes directly to the wire rack. The bundt cake should be transferred to a wire rack lined with a sheet of parchment paper, upside down so that the fluted portion of the cake is right side up. Allow to cool for 1 hour. Then remove the parchment. Spray the rack with gluten free non-stick cooking oil spray and allow to cool completely.
  6. Once cool, dust with confectioners' sugar using a small mesh strainer. If you prefer a frosting, use the Chocolate Ganache Recipe.


*To make dairy-free buttermilk, add 1-1/2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a 2-cup measuring cup. Then, fill to the 1-1/2 cup mark with unsweetened, unflavored almond milk. Let sit until it begins to thicken, at least 15 minutes.


**For Egg Free: Use 6 tablespoons (1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons) liquid from a can of cannellini beans plus 3 additional tablespoons of oil to replace three eggs.


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