Death By Gluten Free Carob Ice Cream

You know the saying, “death by chocolate”? There are a few brands of ice cream named “death by chocolate” as well. Currently, I am avoiding chocolate and had a craving for some. It had been over two months since I had any. So, I finally got around to ordering some carob powder and created a new carob ice cream recipe. I started with my Rich Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe (which should be named, “death by chocolate”). Then I made it a little richer to make up for the lack of chocolate. I love it and so does my chocolate loving husband! If chocolate keeps you awake at night, note that you can eat this any time because carob does not contain caffeine. Continue reading

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Gluten Free Risotto Recipe: Saffron Risotto With or Without Wine

Saffron is an expensive spice. Therefore, you may choose to save this gluten free risotto recipe for special occasions or guests. Another option is make regular risotto and omit the saffron. A small vial of dried saffron costs about $25 in the grocery store. Continue reading

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Gluten Free Rocky Road Ice Cream Sandwiches

While this recipe is not new, I added some topping options, or shall I say sidings, as they go onto the sides of these delicious gluten free ice cream sandwiches. I did not use any marshmallows, which is typical of rocky road, but you can add them to the ice cream, if desired. Just be sure to use gluten free marshmallows such as Jeff Puff. I usually find the large Jeff Puff marshmallows at my local store and then cut them into smaller pieces when necessary.

This time, another change I made was that I made the sandwiches thinner, to cut back on calories. I hope they keep you cool this summer. Enjoy! Continue reading

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What is Cultured Brown Rice Flour?

Awhile back a Facebook follower provided a link to a gluten free yeast free bread that she purchases online that she adores. I checked it out and found that it contained “cultured brown rice flour”. I used their contact form to ask a question about it, but they never responded. After doing some research online I stumbled upon this Facebook post made by Natural Food Works (note that they are in competition with Canyon Bakehouse). It stated that the “cultured brown rice flour” that Canyon Bakehouse uses they also tried and said it smelled like latex paint. They ended up throwing a batch of bread dough out. Continue reading

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Review of Delaying the FDA Gluten Free Final Rule

The FDA gluten free final rule is set to go into effect August 5, 2014. United States offices reviewed the financial impact. Learn the Final Regulatory Impact Analysis and the Regulatory Flexibility Analysis.

Currently, there are approximately 5% (or 1,096) products that are labeled gluten free that do not meet the FDA gluten free final rule. The FDA estimates that approximately 19,000 individuals diagnosed with celiac disease consume these foods on a daily basis. Each one of these individual are at risk of consuming 50 mg of gluten daily. Continue reading

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Gluten Free Corn Fritters with Sweet & Spicy Dipping Sauce

Having these gluten free corn fritters with dinner may create feelings of guilt as these babies taste more like donuts than anything else. However, with the sweet and spicy dipping sauce (only slightly spicy), they do taste savory. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Orange Sauce Recipe to Top Desserts (Naturally Gluten Free)

One of my blog readers, Lisa, asked me today for the recipe for my Orange Sauce that she noticed in the photo of my Gluten Free Flourless Almond Cake Recipe. I hope you enjoy this orange sauce recipe. It can be used on ice cream, cake, and more. I even have drizzled it over a gluten free cream puff. Continue reading

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Grilled Gluten Free Salmon Recipe: Sweet and Savory

One of my Facebook followers requested a recipe for a gluten free salmon recipe that did not contain soy or ginger. This one fits those requirements. Because I am not a fan of fish in general, I enjoy a sweet marinade on mine. If you do, as well, give it a try. I am sure you will save it along with your favorite gluten free salmon recipes and use for years to come.  Continue reading

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Gluten Free Muesli

When you make muesli (pronounced “muze ly”) you can add just about any dry cereal, nuts, seeds and fruit you desire. The one thing you have to keep in mind when making gluten free muesli is to use brands that are safe if you are intolerant to gluten. Be sure to use certified gluten free oats as regular oats may contain as much as 10% gluten. If you are oat intolerant, substitute with additional cornflakes and nuts. I have named the brands that I use along with additional substitutions. Enjoy! Continue reading

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KIND Healthy Snacks Gluten Free Bars & Granola Giveaway

KIND Healthy Snacks recently released a few new products. They released their new line of Strong & Kind Bars come in five savory, spicy and lightly sweetened flavors. They added two new flavors to their Nuts & Spices Bars line and three new flavors to their Clusters (granola) line. Head on over to my review to learn more about these products, their ingredients and what we think of them. Then enter the giveaway below for chances to be one of three lucky winners who each receive 14 bars and 3 bags of Clusters. Good luck! Continue reading

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