Gluten Free Ingredients Database

I created this database of brands of gluten free ingredients that you can use in my upcoming cookbook, Carla’s Best 125 Gluten-Free Recipes. I thought you may find it useful. I’ll add additional items and brands as I find the time. If you have any questions about specific products, ask me about them in the below comment field and I’ll add them to the chart.

Gluten Free Ingredients List

Almond ExtractMcCormick®
Almond Flour, BlanchedFunfresh Foods Dowd & Rogers™
Almond Flour, SuperfineKirkland (Costco), Bob's Red Mill®
Almond PasteSolo®
Apple Cider VinegarHeinz®, Bragg® (organic)
BaconApplegate® Sunday Bacon, Hormel® Black Label and Fully Cooked; Hormel Natural Choice Uncured®; Jones Dairy Farm; Jennie-O Maple Flavored, Turkey, and Uncured; Farmer John® Premium Regular Smoked, Premium Thick Sliced, Thick Smoked, Center Cut, Premium Old Fashioned Maple, Premium Applewood, Premium Low Sodium, Old Fashioned Maple Table Brand, Steakhouse Seasoned
Bacon BitsHormel Real Bacon Bits, Pieces, Crumbles, Sprinkles - Original
Baking Powder, Aluminum-FreeRumford®
Baking Powder, Corn-FreeFeatherweight by Hain®
Barbecue SauceStubb’s® and Annie’s®
Bread Crumbs, PankoKinnikinnick®
Bread Crumbs, Plain4C®
Bread Crumbs, Seasoned4C
Brown Rice SyrupLundberg® (regular or organic)
Butter, Dairy-Free SubstituteEarth Balance® Buttery Sticks (for baking), Earth Balance Buttery Spread, or Smart Balance® Margarine
CaramelsLovely Candy Co.®
Cheese, Dairy-FreeDaiya® and Follow Your Heart®
Chicken BrothHerbOx®, O Organics®, Minor's®, Pacific®,
Chili PasteThai Kitchen®
Chipotle Chile PepperMcCormick
Chocolate, BakingBaker’s® by Kraft®
Chocolate Bars, Milk and DarkHershey's
Chocolate, BittersweetScharffen Berger®
Chocolate ChipsNestle®, Ghirardelli®, Kirkland®, Enjoy Life Minis for dairy-free
Cocoa PowderHershey’s, Hershey’s Special Dark, Ghirardelli
Cocoa Powder, Dutch ProcessedRodelle®
Cold CutsApplegate, Hormel Natural Choice, Jones Dairy Farm, and Boarshead
Confectioners’ or Powdered SugarMost are gluten-free, check labels to be certain; Trader Joe’s Organic Powdered Sugar is free of gluten and corn. It contains tapioca starch instead of cornstarch
CornmealBob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free,
CornstarchBob’s Red Mill or Frontier Natural Products® for organic
Cranberries, DriedOcean Spray Craisins®
Cream CheeseLifeway® Farmer Soft Cheese is certified gluten-free and 99% lactose-free. Philadelphia® is gluten-free, Tofutti is dairy-free
Flax Seed Meal, Golden or BrownBob’s Red Mill (regular and organic)
Food Coloring, GelAmeriColor®
Food Coloring, LiquidMcCormick
Garam MasalaHomemade Recipe (McCormick seasoning blends may contain gluten.)
Gelatine, UnflavoredKnox ®
GranolaKIND®, Udi’s®
Greek YogurtFAGE®, Chobani®
GuacamoleWholly Guacamole® by Hormel
Guar GumBob’s Red Mill
Hash Brown Potatoes, FrozenOre Ida®
Hoisin SauceWok Mei®
Hot DogsApplegate® or Open Nature®
Hot SauceTabasco®
Hot Fudge SauceSmuckers®
Instant YeastSAF®
Lasagna NoodlesTinkyada®
Liquid SmokeWright’s® - Hickory, Mesquite, Applewood
Maraschino CherriesRoyal Harvest Natural® (free of artificial dies, corn syrup, and preservatives and made in an allergen-free facility)
MargarineSmart Balance® or Earth Balance® (both dairy-free)
Marinara SauceBarillo®
MayonnaiseBest Foods® and Hellmann’s®
Meat SauceBarillo
Milk, Instant, Nonfat, DryCarnation®
Milk, Instant, Dry, Dairy-FreeBetter Than Milk®
Millet (certified gluten-free), Bob’s Red Mill
Mushrooms, shiitake, dried or button, freshWhile mushrooms may contain gluten, usually wheat and other substrates they grow upon, they usually contain less than the legal limit of 20 parts per million. If you are extremely sensitive to gluten, omit mushrooms from your diet. Check with manufacturers for other varieties.
Mustard, PreparedFrench’s®
Mustard, Prepared, DijonFrench’s (also citrus-free), Grey Poupon®
Oat Flour, Certified Gluten-FreeBob’s Red Mill (US), Cream Hill Estates Lara’s (CA)
Oats, InstantBob’s Red Mill
Oats, RolledBob’s Red Mill (US), Cream Hill Estates (CA)
Oil, Cooking SprayMost cans of spray oil are gluten-free. Avoid baking sprays containing flour, and always read labels carefully.
OlivesLindsay® regular and jumbo (not corn-free)
Parmesan Cheese, GratedFresh or Kraft® canister
PepperoniHormel Natural Choice Pepperoni (Uncured) pizza-style, Boarshead sandwich-style, Applegate Pepperoni, Applegate Mini Pork Pepperoni, Applegate Mini Turkey Pepperoni
Pesto Sauce, BasilBuitoni® and Barillo
Pie Filling, CannedComstock, Wilderness
Pizza SaucePastorelli® and Enrico’s®
Potato FlourBob's Red Mill
Potato StarchBob’s Red Mill (or Frontier Natural Products® for organic)
Pumpkin, 100% Pure PureeLibby’s®
RavioliThree Bridges® Conte’s Pasta®
Relish, Dill or SweetHeinz in the United States (Sweet Relish only in Canada)
Rice, InstantMinute Rice®
Rice PapersThree Ladies Brand®
Rice Flour, White or BrownBob’s Red Mill
Rice Flour, Superfine, White or BrownAuthentic Foods® or Vitacost®
Rice MilkRice Dream® Original
Ricotta CheeseMost brands of ricotta cheese do not contain gluten. However, most companies cannot guarantee that their product is free of cross-contamination/contact. When vinegar is listed as an ingredient, check with manufacturers to find out what type of vinegar they use. Malt vinegar contains gluten. If you are highly intolerant to gluten, you may try the homemade substitute recipe at Homemade Ricotta Recipe
Ricotta Cheese, Dairy-FreeTofutti® Better Than Cheese Ricotta
SalamiBoarshead, Hormel Hard Salami, Hormel Natural Choice Uncured Salami, Applegate
SalsaEmbasa® Salsa Casera, Hot and Embasa Salsa Mexicana, Medium, both made by Hormel Foods in cans
Sausage, Italian, Hot or MildJenni-O, New York Style Sausage Company
Sausage, LinksApplegate®; Jones Dairy Farm®; Hormel Little Sizzlers® Original Sausage Links, Hot (Tabasco) Sausage Links, Maple Bacon & Pork Sausage Links; New York Style Sausage Company® Holiday Sausage; Jenni-O® Mild; Farmer John
SeasoningsMcCormick’s® (All of their single-ingredient spices are gluten-free. All other spices will clearly list any gluten ingredient.*)
Shortening, VegetableSpectrum®, Earth Balance, and Tropical Traditions Organic Palm
Sorghum FlourBob’s Red Mill
Sour CreamMost are gluten-free. Many lite or light brands are not gluten-free. Carefully read all labels. Tofutti is also dairy-free.
Soy SauceKikkoman (only bottles labeled gluten-free)
SpicesMcCormick’s® (All of their single-ingredient spices are gluten-free. All other spices will clearly list any gluten ingredient.*)
Stevia, PowderedNOW Stevia (recommended)
Stevia, LiquidNuNaturals®
Sweet Red Chili SauceThai Kitchen® and House of Tsang® by Hormel
Taco SauceMcCormick Gluten-Free Taco Seasoning Mix mixed with hot water
Tofu, SilkenMorinaga®
Tamari SauceSan-J reduced-sodium or regular
Tapioca FlourBob’s Red Mill
Del Monte®
Tomato Paste, CannedDel Monte®
Tomato Sauce, CannedDel Monte®
Tomatoes, Whole or Crushed, CannedDel Monte® or Hunts® which is periodically tested
Vanilla Extract, PureMcCormick
Vanilla Stevia, Alcohol-Free NuNaturals
Vegetable Shortening, OrganicSpectrum, Tropical Traditions Organic Palm
Xanthan (certified gluten-free) or Bob’s Red Mill
XylitolXylo Sweet Xylitol, Xyla (corn derived), Xylitol (birch derived recommended)
Yeast, Instant, DrySAF-Instant (Though most yeast is gluten-free, I recommend this brand.)
YogurtYoplait® has many gluten-free varieties (check labels)
Yogurt, GreekFAGE®, Chobani® (contains no starch)
A list of brands of gluten free ingredients to use to make gluten free recipes. They range from baking ingredients to canned goods.