Is Nestle Gluten Free?

Image: Nestle's Gluten Free Products

I contacted Nestle a couple of weeks ago to find out which of the candies are gluten free. They mailed me an entire list of Nestle’s gluten free products, but it was not updated since December 22, 2011. Today, October 30, 2012, I called them regarding a product that was not listed in their list below (Natural Dark Chocolate Morsels – chips). I was told the list was sent out in error, as they no longer claim anything to be gluten free, as they do not test for gluten. The products listed below are considered to be made without gluten ingredients and are not made on equipment that processes gluten (wheat, rye, barley or oats). It was nice of them to include oats, as not all manufacturers do. However, because they do not test for gluten, they will not make any gluten free claims. Continue reading “Is Nestle Gluten Free?”