Gluten Free Chicken Parmesan with Pesto Sauce

Gluten Free Pesto Chicken Parmesan Over Pesto Spaghetti

My husband’s favorite dish is chicken parmesan. Since my father was visiting and can no longer eat tomatoes (too acidic) and I am allergic to them, I thought I would create a gluten free chicken parmesan recipe with pesto sauce, which we could all eat. I topped breaded chicken with a pesto cream sauce. Mmmm! Dad being 100% Italian, loved this recipe, as did we! It’s very rich, though! You may need a nap after, especially if serving pasta! I used some of the pesto sauce with Jovial’s gluten-free angel hair pasta (Capellini) and served it with gluten-free zucchini casserole without any added spices. I was so hungry and it was so good, I didn’t realize that I hadn’t taken a photo of one of our plates until it was half gone! Luckily I shot a photo of it in the skillet! I like this recipe, as you can bread the chicken hours in advance and place in the fridge when ready to cook! Continue reading “Gluten Free Chicken Parmesan with Pesto Sauce”