Gluten Free Cooking Classes

If interest in Carla’s gluten free cooking classes, please review the course syllabus/ outline. Dairy-free substitutions are included in most recipes. Carla can help with other allergens such as egg and more.

Gluten Free Cooking Classes – Baking Classes

How do the gluten free cooking classes work?
The classes are on a study-at-your-own-pace. You will learn to cook and bake with a heavier concentration on baking. You just read the text which is anywhere between 2 – 10 pages long. To learn about that lesson, choose a recipe to make from the list of choices, and make it. The easy to follow instructions with tips will have you sailing into pro status in no time. You’ll send in your photo, via email or the private Facebook group, of whatever you make. If you have any questions before, along the way, or after, Carla is there to help every step of the way. However, it is anticipated from previous experience that you will not need much if any additional instruction. Carla’s recipe testers often rave about how easy the recipes are to follow. She has seen new bakers make elaborate recipes with stunning results using these recipes. They’re usually shocked.

The class includes 23 lessons plus a final project along with the option of joining a private Facebook discussion group along with other classmates and Carla. Otherwise, connect via Instagram. Most students just read the information and make any of the suggested recipes to learn. The lessons are that easy to understand. Many of Carla’s recipes contain videos showing the texture of proper baked goods. So, you’ll know if you did everything correctly. If you run into any trouble, Carla is there to help!


Cost: $99.99

What types of recipes?
The recipes that will be listed from which to choose all come from Carla’s gluten free recipes on this site. Check out the Gluten Free Recipe Index.


Gift giving:
Keep in mind, this would be a wonderful gift for your gluten-free loved ones. Carla would be happy to create a special printable or mailable gift certificate to match the special occasion. Once you make the payment, contact Carla.


Terms & Conditions

13 Replies to “Gluten Free Cooking Classes”

  1. Yes I’m interested, particularly in the trickier things that are more difficult to get ‘right’ when doing gluten free – eg scones, bread, pastries etc
    I really learn a lot from your videod recipes – they are the best way of learning for me – I don’t make mistakes with the steps in those ones, and I get really good results.
    I’d like a bit more information about what sort of recipes you’ll be including, plus being from Australia- substitute ingredients that are available here.

    1. Hi Vicki,

      Thank you for your interest in this course.

      Unfortunately, I have already chosen the small group that will be the first students. However, I’m sure some who were accepted may bow out. Shall I add you to a waiting list? If so, read on and also tell me if you avoid any ingredients besides gluten.

      Unfortunately, I have no idea what ingredients are are not available in Australia. Most non-US members purchase gluten-free ingredients for use in my recipes on

      Currently, the course will not include many videos, but will have some. The course outline may be found at Save that link to your favorites and check back in the future when the classes will be available to everyone. You never know what may change in the course during this first go around, maybe even more videos.

      If there’s anything else I can do for you please let me know.

      Also, which recipe have you had problems with? I may be able to give you some advice. Sometimes a person‘s problem is that they are trying to make a recipe calling for a stand mixer, for a heavy dough as an example, using a low powered handmixer.


  2. Yes. I am interested.
    My husband is gluten intolerant and now a diabetic.
    I love all your recipes that I have tried.
    Thank you.

  3. Yes please! I struggle to make gluten free dinners for myself and ones that would be tasty my family would like. They eat pizza, I eat a sandwich on expensive gluten free bread. They eat cake, cookies (my favorite!!) Italian bread, subs, etc., while I eat Cinnamon Chex. ?

  4. I would love to be in the cooking classes. I am interested in cooking all sorts of things. Since being diagnosed I have not cooked a lot.

  5. I am interested in the class. I am also dairy free and gluten free. I would love to learn how to make bread, bagels, English muffins and noodles. Only problem is I just moved from the United States to UAE ?? it is hard to find gluten free food and products. I also need to learn how to cook Arabic food ?. I hope you can help me.

    1. Kimberly,

      Wow! What a big move! If you can afford to order your gluten free products online, does international shipping. Here is the link to their FAQs for the UAE: In addition, here is more information on their international shipping policies – I hope this helps!

      For the benefit of others, for information on other countries, see this link – and choose the appropriate country.

      Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about the food that they eat in the UAE, but I can certainly provide you with gluten free recipes that use a similar dough, how to thicken sauces, etc.


  6. I am interested, however, since I have disabled adult child, my time is not my own; I am up all night sometimes–basically on night shift, which is difficult to find time for cooking/baking. She has many things I must watch closely. No soy sauces, no Worchestershire type sauces or others items with multiple ingredients. Pretty much plain items. Not even Dijon mustards, etc. Not sure if I could even get this done in a year, so not sure about this. I need make my own–put my own spices together, etc. No gluten or dairy. Try to avoid vinegars. Usually use lemon juice. These are examples that pop into my head at the moment. I’ve been wanting to make new things–she wants bread & crackers & more variety in general–but very hard to find time to make new things. Frustrated when I look up GF/DF recipes in GF cookbooks I have, & they are full of these items or package mixes(!) we can’t use, so I could use a lot of help! Just very concerned about my time constraints. I am annual member with you for 2nd year now. Perhaps you have a better idea to help me, rather than to take this class? Thanks much!

  7. I would love to join the cooking class! We have several members of our family with either celiac disease or gluten intolerances. Also two with wheat allergy and dairy intolerances. An almond allergy is also present in a family member not living in our home, so not as important, but more so at family gatherings. Your site has been a great resource for us!

    1. I would like to join the cooking classes. I do not cook very much any more so I depend on the ready made GF items locally available. It would be nice to get myself involved in cooking again. Sometimes I just crave things that cannot be found in the store. Thanks for doing this. I really appreciate it.

      Diana Sturrock

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