French Seedy Gluten Free Graham Cracker Recipe

Image: French Gluten Free Cereal Crackers

Crackers aux Céréales is French for cereal crackers. I made this version of my gluten free graham cracker recipe when I recently stumbled up their existence. Europeans know food, and they have quite a few ideas that only seem to catch on in America if a well-known chef decides to duplicate one of their recipes here in the United States. These seedy crackers are served in France with breakfast. You may top them with the same condiments you use to top your toast. Use jam, nut butter, peanut butter, and even the famous nut cocoa spread, Nutella, which is extremely popular in Europe. It is made of hazelnuts and cocoa. Another option is to dunk them in coffee, tea, or milk. My version of these gluten free cereal crackers tastes like a gluten graham cracker with seeds on top. I hope you enjoy this recipe. There’s nothing like a little nutty flavor on breakfast food. Continue reading “French Seedy Gluten Free Graham Cracker Recipe”