Sugar Free Dairy Free Gluten Free Doughnuts – Baked

Image: Gluten Free Baked Donuts

I haven’t had a doughnut (donut) since I started my gluten-free diet. I didn’t really miss them, but enjoy the challenge of gluten-free baking. These gluten free doughnuts are baked, making them healthier than the standard recipes, as they are usually deep fried. In addition, some whole grain flours were used to provide additional health benefits, as well as agave and molasses. They taste much like the real thing! I think you’ll be very pleased. You can play around with this recipe substituting 1/4 cup of your favorite flour for one of the others. Add in your favorite baking seasonings or extracts, too. Experiment and have fun! Continue reading “Sugar Free Dairy Free Gluten Free Doughnuts – Baked”