No Rise Egg Free Gluten Free Bread or Rolls

Gluten Free Egg Free Bread

I had a request for an egg free gluten free bread and decided to create this one. Though it is not dairy free, you may be able to experiment with it on your own. In deciding in which direction to take, I ran across a gluten free buttermilk bread recipe which only called for starches, and no need to rise, though it contained yeast. I was very curious how this would turn out. I tweaked it a bit before experimenting and ended up with what I believe to be the most flavorful white gluten free bread yet. I did not allow it to rise, though next time I definitely will, as it is just a bit heavy, but perfect for a French loaf or rolls. I didn’t care for the heavyweight in the sliced loaf, though it is definitely kid-friendly. Fresh out of the oven, it is to die for! The French loaf crust was a bit crunchy and the crust on the rolls was soft. Enjoy!

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