Gluten Free Glazed Meatballs – All Beef

Sweet Glazed Gluten Free Meatballs

These gluten free glazed meatballs were a hit on Saturday at our holiday party. We had 37 guests, and I really wanted to make something everyone would enjoy and was kid-friendly. My husband will only meatballs cooked in spaghetti sauce or meatloaf that contains ketchup. However, he loved these meatballs before I added the glaze. For the kids, I skipped the onion or garlic that I planned on using in this glazed meatball recipe, but used onion powder instead. Enjoy this gluten free glazed meatball recipe and your holidays! Continue reading “Gluten Free Glazed Meatballs – All Beef”

Gluten Free Meatballs with Basil and Polenta (Creamy or Grilled)


I try to stay away from corn as much as possible, but I was craving some gluten free meatballs. Delish, by the way! Because I cannot have tomato sauce, I needed to make something that was moist with the meatballs. So, I treated myself to some polenta! I usually make the polenta creamy and other times grilled. This is great alone or topped with marina sauce, spaghetti saucecreamy basil sauce, or a wine sauce. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these gluten free meatballs and creamy polenta. Mangia! (pronunced “manga”). Itsa Italian for “Eat!

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