Gluten Free Plum Sauce

e:Red Gluten Free Plum Sauce - Red

I have been craving Chinese food. What better condiment is there to complement Chinese food than a gluten free plum sauce recipe? A quick plum sauce can be made with plum jam, but this gluten free plum sauce is made from fresh, ripe plums! Generally, one would use red flesh plums as they make a more attractive presentation, but you can use any yellow-fleshed plums if you wish. I used agave nectar/syrup which is said to affect your glycemic levels gradually, rather than fast and all at once like refined sugar, and it is less processed. If you’re making it for kids, skip the red pepper flakes. Plum sauce goes well with chicken, pork, egg rolls, gluten-free potstickers and more. Continue reading “Gluten Free Plum Sauce”