Gluten Free Sandwich Bread Recipe II

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I love experimenting with my basic gluten free sandwich bread recipe, changing flours, mostly. This time I used regular grain white rice flour and sorghum flour, along with the usual starches and other ingredients. One tip is to use more tapioca flour/starch if you want a lighter bread, which you can try on this recipe. I’ll give this a try next time by switching the amounts of tapioca and potato starch. Enjoy this gluten free sandwich bread for sandwiches, french toast or toast.

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Multi Grain Gluten Free Sandwich Bread Recipe

Gluten-free Multigrain Bread

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I made this gluten free sandwich bread for my hubby! When mixing different multigrain gluten-free flours it creates an incredible flavor! I used Expandex® in this recipe, but you can skip it and substitute it for additional tapioca flour. The bread will be a little heavier, though. When either bread is reheated they both make excellent sandwich breads! You can even add some flax seed meal. I hope you enjoy this one as much as he did. I had a taste of this gluten free sandwich bread, and honestly, couldn’t stop at just one piece! Continue reading “Multi Grain Gluten Free Sandwich Bread Recipe”

Gluten Free Dairy Free Sandwich Bread Recipe

Image: Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

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Making gluten-free sandwich bread is an art, and Carol Fenster has perfected that art!  As one of the few gluten-free experts in the world, Carol Fenster, creator of Bob Red Mill’s wonderful mixes and recipes, has graciously shared her recipe with us for gluten-free sandwich bread made with yeast. It is a gluten free white bread recipe, but is healthier because it contains sorghum flour. This is a treasure of a recipe, as you have the choice of adding butter, buttery spread or oil. So many of those with celiac disease along with other gluten-free dieters are also dairy-free. That is right, a gluten free dairy free sandwich bread recipe! Enjoy! We definitely did! Continue reading “Gluten Free Dairy Free Sandwich Bread Recipe”