Gluten Free Spritz Cookies Made by Hand

These gluten free spritz cookies are popular in Scandinavian countries during Christmas time. You can even make them with a device. They are a butter cookie either made using a cookie press, pastry bag, cookie cutter, or handmade shapes. Not having a cookie press myself, yet, and since the dough was too thick for a pastry bag, I chose to experiment with different methods of joining balls of cookie dough together to make my gluten free spritz cookies. I was hoping this would help those who cannot afford a cookie press. I created 1/2 teaspoon balls of dough, either using 5 or 6 balls, and filling the center with the same size or smaller balls. I found the smaller balls, close together, work best, seen in the cherry filled cookie in the photo below. Of course, the traditional version is not gluten free, however, just replacing the flour for gluten free flour and starches, and adding a bit of baking soda and xanthan gum results in great gluten free spritz cookies. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Spritz Cookies Made by Hand”