Gluten Free Vanilla Pudding

Image: Gluten Free Dairy Free Vanilla Pudding

You’re gluten free now, so you may be considering a healthier diet, meaning no more Jello pudding for you? Well, I believe you’ll appreciate this gluten free vanilla pudding recipe even more than the packaged brands. Plus, it is an easy recipe and can be served immediately, warm or refrigerated. The difference between this gluten free vanilla pudding recipe and my custard recipe is mainly that the creme brulee is made with whipping cream and this gluten free pudding is made with milk or milk substitute; is thickened with starch; and that the creme brulee is baked versus the pudding is boiled. If you’re dairy free, feel free to substitute the cow’s milk for your milk of choice. I will be using this as a filling for one of my upcoming recipes. So, stay tuned in! Continue reading “Gluten Free Vanilla Pudding”

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