Gluten Free Vol-au-Vent for Sweet or Savory Recipes

Image: Gluten Free Vol au Vent

A vol-au-vent is a French pastry which is made from layers of puffed pasty, hallowed out and filled with anything from sweet to savory. This gluten free vol-au-vent is stuffed with peach pie filling, however, you may fill it with something savory which contains a little sauce or moisture, such as a seafood mousse, chicken pot pie filling, etc. How this recipe came about was when I stumbled upon a recipe for vol-au-vent, and just had to make a gluten free version. While this recipe turns out a crust similar to pie crust, it can be made with my new flaky gluten free phyllo dough. This gluten free vol-au-vent recipe allows you to be creative. You can shape them into hearts for Valentine’s Day or four leaf clovers for St. Patrick’s Day. You can scallop the edges or whatever you desire. Give it a try. And I bet your guests will never know they are made from a gluten free recipe! Continue reading “Gluten Free Vol-au-Vent for Sweet or Savory Recipes”