Gluten Free Rice Bread (Potato- and Tapioca-Free)

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One of my readers requested a gluten free rice bread recipe containing rice flour, arrowroot flour and guar gum due to several grain sensitivities. Here it is! The best I can do right now. I added some flaxseed meal for a bit of fiber and flavor, an extra egg white for added protein, as baking gluten free rice bread with only arrowroot flour, versus potato and tapioca starch, is whole different ball game! It was challenging. The recipe below was my first attempt. On my next attempt I’ll try increase the amount of water and see if I can get it rise a bit higher, using a 9×5″ loaf pan. I used a 9×5″, but it did not rise, above the rim, and then fell a bit during cooling. A 9×4″ loaf pan would be perfect for the recipe, as is. This gluten free bread recipe did not turn out fluffy like my usual gluten free bread recipes, but it is certainly edible and tasty! It’s just better toasted. Whoever else has similar grain sensitivities, I hope this gluten free rice bread recipe is some to use to you. Meanwhile, if you do not have other sensitivities, see the links at the bottom of this page for other gluten free rice bread recipes. Continue reading “Gluten Free Rice Bread (Potato- and Tapioca-Free)”

Udi’s Style Gluten Free White Bread Recipe

Image: Copycat Udi's Gluten Free White Breadd

A couple of days ago I made my first attempt at making a copycat recipe for an Udi’s-style gluten free white bread recipe. It was a flop. Today I took another stab at it and created a decent gluten free white bread recipe! Yeah! It’s not perfected yet but still tasted wonderful, even after it cooled. I used many of the ingredients which Udi’s white bread contains, however, the rice flour is just a little grainy. You can’t notice it in a sandwich, but you can notice it a little when eating it plain. I’d really rather use sorghum flour instead of rice flours, but just had to give this a go. Meanwhile, the texture of this bread is wonderful! -similar to sourdough sliced bread. It has that Udi’s chew, yet soft. And this recipe makes a much larger loaf than Udi’s white sandwich bread. I also added some substitutes for corn-free dieters. Enjoy my gluten free white bread recipe! Continue reading “Udi’s Style Gluten Free White Bread Recipe”