How to Create an Herb Garden for Gluten-Free Cooking

Herb Garden with Basil Plant

Growing Your Own Herbs for Gluten-Free Cooking

By Carol Fenster

Carol Fenster, Ph.D.
Carol Fenster, Ph.D.

Spring has come to the Rockies. The foothills are awash in a gentle green, the weather is warming with no more danger of frost, and it’s time to plant my herbs. You all know that I love my herb garden. To me, gathering fresh herbs and using them in cooking is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I use them in pesto, as well as sauces, stews, and salads and anywhere I can! Herbs lend flavor and aroma to our gluten-free cooking and make a simple dish come alive with added pizzazz.

It is much cheaper to plant your own herbs than to buy them in the grocery store and most herbs are quite forgiving. So, visit your local nursery or grocery store (some carry herb plants) and buy your favorites. Continue reading “How to Create an Herb Garden for Gluten-Free Cooking”

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