Gluten Free Cornbread – Cranberry Polenta Bread

Polenta is coarser than cornmeal and compliments this gluten free cornbread (actually gluten free polenta bread) recipe well, as it calls for superfine rice flours. It is just like a cornbread, but a coarser grain. I used Golden Pheasant brand, found at my local grocery store. You can definitely use cornmeal, if that is what you like, or is easier to obtain. This recipe was created upon my husband’s request for a coarser, crumbly, gluten free cornbread. It is moist, yet has more texture and crumb. I added cranberries, thinking it would be a nice touch during the holidays. Enjoy, and happy holidays to you and yours! Continue reading “Gluten Free Cornbread – Cranberry Polenta Bread”